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Top SEO Tools For On-Page Optimization in 2019

As Google has set some important rules associated with search engine optimization, it is important for a business to do on-page SEO in the best possible manner. You might have a fabulous website with a great promotional campaign but if it is not optimized, you can’t expect instant and positive results. It is not easy to ensure the top position in the search engine results. To get instant help, you can use the free SEO tools list which helps in on-page optimization.

Why it is important to do on-page SEO?

It is quite essential to do on-page SEO because it affects the method by which Google and other search engines converts the content on your page. You should make sure that your content has been optimized according to the chosen keywords, it will help you to attain a higher rank on search engine pages.

When you will not do on-page SEO, it can be the scenario that your competitors can beat your position on search engine result pages even if they have low-quality content and a less powerful backlink profile.

What are the SEO tools for on-page SEO?

A wide range of tools is available for doing the on-page SEO. Let’s have a look at some of them:

This is the most useful keyword research tool uses Google Autocomplete to produce long keywords. This specific tool is used to add or remove something from a specific term. You can use it to generate suitable keywords. For finding the long keywords, Google domain and language combination can be used. It is capable of producing 700+ keywords in any language based on your preference.

Google Adwords keyword planner tool is used to search for keywords and ad group ideas to decide what all specific keywords can perform. It is even useful for creating a new keyword list by using lists of multiple keywords. It helps you select competitive bids and budgets. Here, you can have a look at the way it works:

  1. First, you should choose the “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas” option.
  2. Try to enter those phrases that help you describe your product, URL of your website page, and the relevant category of the product.
  3. Tap on “Get Ideas” option and check the keywords from the Ad group ideas tab
  4. Now, you should tap on the double arrows to add an ad group or keyword idea.
  5. Use the “Get estimates and review plan” to have a look at the graph showing the standard CPC bids and the daily traffic estimates.

SEO crawler

SEO crawler has its site auditor tool permits you to examine your page. By a single click, you can check the page speed and find duplicate tags and content. Also, it will be easy for you to do keyword optimization and identify broken links. The work which was taking long duration will take only a few seconds. The most important thing is that you can save your money and time. It is the powerful SEO on-page tool and almost five thousand businesses are using it to optimize their chosen keywords.

A site auditor tool will facilitate you with a checklist of rectifications which you can do for every page on your website. This is just like having your own in-house SEO consultant. After you do all such changes, it gets easy for you to check results in the rank tracker. You can have a look at rankings of the primary keywords. It would be easy for you to find the change in your main keyword in the coming days and weeks.


When you approach a writer for content or a content service provider, it is important for you to use an effective tool like Copyscape to check the uniqueness of content. You shouldn’t publish copied content as Google will accept that at any cost.

Make sure that your writers are developing informative content and have not emulated it from anywhere else. While using Copyscape, you simply have to paste the written text into the space provided and it will help you identify whether the content is unique or not.

Moz on-page grader is an SEO tool which inspects your page and helps you compare it with the existing SEO factors that can have an impact on ranking. It is the SEO tool which helps you attain better output so that you can make the required improvements.

This specific on-page SEO tool is quite simple and is the perfect choice for the starters. Moz on-page grader is quite beneficial for you in all possible manner.

Using this particular on-page SEO tool, you can find the suitable key phrases and keywords. It will show the keywords in the form of a list format which can be easily copied and pasted. For using it, you will have to go through these steps:

  1. First, you should access the link
  2. Enter the desired keywords and tap on the “Suggest” option.
  3. You should browse the list of ideas and click on the relevant phrases so that you can improvise them according to your preference
  4. Tap on the green plus icon to choose the applicable keyword you want. After doing so, you should choose “Get” located at the top of the page.
  5. You can see a box showing all the keywords.
  6. Choose all of them and tap “Copy” to export them directly to Google Keyword Tool.
  7. Now, you should paste keywords in the “Find Keywords” section of Google Keyword Planner.
  8. You can change the match type, location, and device option accordingly and tap the “Search” button.

Screaming Frog has been found as older and the most reliable on-page SEO tool used by people from the very beginning. This is a crawler which checks all your URL’s and helps you search elements of your website so that you can examine them accordingly.

It is the best tool for finding out the broken links and make sure that redirects have been created in a proper way. You can inspect your page titles and produce the XML sitemaps. Also, you can detect duplicate content in the best possible manner. It is the most effective tool because it has many features integrated into it.

The digital world is highly competitive and you must have to use the latest technologies to keep up with it. Keyword Eye is one such SEO on page tool that can ensure the use of the best keywords available. You can type your desired keyword and check the suggested words along with the competitiveness of the word measured by its frequent uses, over the search engine.

URI Valet presents you with the important details related to your website which includes everything such as downloading speed, object details, and server headers. This on-page SEO tool integrates ten more structural tools and helps you get clarity. This particular SEO tool uses all internal and external links and authorizes them. It will display graphs which will define the object size including the downloading time.

Robot.txt file tool helps you identify whether the robots.txt file is restricting Googlebot from performing the crawling function. To understand its working method, you will have to go through certain steps:
  • Sign in to your Google Webmaster Tools account to get access to the Robots.txt Testing Tool.
  • Choose the website you want to check
  • Make sure you have selected robots.txt Tester tool from the “Crawl” section.
  • This SEO tool will copy the robots.txt file into the text editor, so that you can make changes and check your logic or syntax.
  • Go through the file and find the warnings to make the required changes.
  • You should enter the path in the text box located at the bottom of the page and choose the user agent from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on the “Test” button to search out if the URL has been blocked or not.


SEO is the best thing which can bring a large number of audience for your website. If the number of site visitors will be enhanced, it will push your site ultimately at the top of the search engine result pages. Businesses who are eager to see their website at a better position should use the On-page SEO tools. It would be great when you download the on-page SEO tools guide and get the desired output from your business.

Author Bio: Bryan Lazaris is an SEOspecialist got several years of experience in the same field. He helps businesses to boost their website performance. Apart from this, he shares his expertise to update people with new trends of search engine optimization.
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12 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Better Functioning of Your Site

Undoubtedly, WordPress offers a lot of features, still, there are several functionalities missing from its core software. And one of the best ways to leverage WordPress is to get the right plugins.

With WordPress plugins, site admin can change each element and customize it as per their preferences. There are more than 40,000 options available to choose from, excluding premium plugins. Among this stock, it can be difficult to choose the best for your website.

Below given some of the must-have free and premium WordPress plugins that can take your website to another level. Let’s have a quick glance.

1. Hummingbird

On an average, visitors don’t wait more than 8 seconds for a site to load and Google recommends to keep your site load time to the least, i.e. 2 seconds. To achieve this, Caching is the best and most effective way to increase your site speed.

Lightweight and fast, Hummingbird scans your site, caches, minifies, defers, combines,  and compresses, make optimization in-line with the Google PageSpeed. It turns your site into a speed machine.

2. W3 Total Cache

This plugin is designed to enhance server performance and page load speed by reducing download times. With reduced page load times, the overall performance of the site will be improved, helps you rank better in Google.

3. Defender

Defender helps you protect your site against hackers and evil bots with security scans, safety recommendations, vulnerability reports, customized hardening and blacklist monitoring.

As WordPress is one of the most popular and best options to create a website, this is a primary target for the hackers. Defender plugin can help make your security game stronger than ever.

This plugin searches website for vulnerabilities and if found something, let the owner know and patch those vulnerabilities in one click. It will help you even if your site is already hacked and also save the site from any upcoming disaster.

 4. Jetpack

It offers a complete suite of strong features for your site, including improved site performance, enhanced security, visitor engagement, and content tools.

Jetpack also offers an interactive, responsive, and lightweight mobile theme option, designed for tablets and smartphones.

5. Akismet

This plugin helps you filter out the comments from your blogs that you find spam. Akismet automatically checks all comments against its Akismet web service.

Users can also view the comments which have been cleared or flagged by Akismet with the history option.

6. Google Analytics +

It is necessary to track when and how users visit your website in order to check the areas where you can improve and attract more users. To get this, Google Analytics is a perfect tool and the Google Analytics + plugin brings all this information to the admin dashboard.

Moreover, with this plugin, you can boost your site’s performance by tracking certain tabs and working on them. These include tracking page views, visits, bounce rates, and average referrers and visit duration. You can also enable the advanced settings and track site’s demographic and analyze shopping behaviors.

7. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin generates an XML sitemap for the site. It is crucial to have an XML sitemap for your site to help search engine index your blogs in a better way. Sitemaps enable web crawlers to see your site structure and retrieve results efficiently.

8. iThemes Security  

This plugin helps you fix common loopholes in your site from the potential attacks. Because of the vulnerabilities that unknowingly enter your site due to some installed plugins, can make your site an easy-to-target option for the hackers and other evil bots.

9. Contact Form 7

With contact form 7, you can create as well as manage multiple contact forms. No more coding needed to create these forms as the mail content and form can be customized easily with its settings.

10. Snapshot

Snapshot lets you backup your site for restoration later. You can also save the backups in more than one location. backing up your WordPress site can save your time and efforts, even if the site goes down or gets hacked.

11. Ultimate Branding

With this plugin, you can add, change, or remove WordPress branding on the site or anywhere on the multi-site network.

When you handle your site and business simultaneously, it is important to look professional with your products and content. That’s why you can have a white labeling machine from WordPress.

You can also replace the WordPress logo, customize the admin panel, add your company name, customize login page, dashboard, admin bar, and footer, and every place where WordPress logo appears to get consistent branding for your site.

12. Optimize Database

WordPress keeps deleted posts, comments, pages, post revisions, unused tags, spam comments with its default settings. Until these sections are manually flushed from the site, they bloat, stick around, and slow down the site.

WordPress’ optimize database plugin helps you purge the database from the extra data tables that you don’t need such as expired transients. Once you have cleaned up the database, this plugin optimizes it for the smoother running site.

Hope this article has given you a clearer idea and helped you learn more about the must-have WordPress plugins you need for your site.

Author Bio: Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech, leading healthcare mobile app development company in India, USA. He’s an avid blogger, loves innovation, and writes on diverse healthcare application areas. He works with skilled digital health app developers that has delivered innovative mobile applications. He believes in sharing knowledge and has leaned concentration on startups.

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Pop Your Profit Up With The Best Monetization Solution For Webmasters

Online monetization has become the major trend in the digital environment and now it’s possible to monetize almost everything. And I mean… Everything. All the digital entertainment is almost built on these bones and keep growing.

So, you have a website on your own, you worked so hard to build up your audience. Now it’s time to think about earning some extra from your website audience or even make it your lifetime earnings.

Ready, steady… Go.

Finding a monetization solution may seem you an easy-peasy deal as the Internet is trashed with them. But, it may become not so simple as it looks. There are a lot of ephemera advertising networks that closes with the full amount of your earned money, there are a lot of scam advertising networks that don't even pay.

The easiest and the most popular monetization solution among the publishers is Adsense, a high-end Google monetization solution with an overwhelming mass of rules that make you feel like under a sword of Damocles.

Advertising and affiliate networks are the second popular monetization solutions but they are most stable and can become as profitable or even more profitable than Adsense.


What’s pops and how to cook them?

What do you imagine when you hear pops advertising? Something irritative? Well, you shouldn’t. It should sound like a jangling of coins because there it is: a mother lode.


Why’s that?

Just a few words: It’s profitable. While some webmasters doing $8 a day with banners other resourceful webmasters doing $100 a day with pops. Pop advertising is worth every penny.

There’s one thing you should stick to: To avoid mass audience irritation you should take it easy on pop-ups or just skip to… Popunders.

They just pop under the main browser window or creating a new tab and it’s less irritative than a bunch of windows keep popping in front of your website users’ screen. They definitely don’t deserve this.

why choose popups

Where is the money, Lebovsky?

The solution is out there. I am pleased to present you Clickadu - a premium advertising network, specializing in popunders.

Established in 2014 they have grown to a massive advertising net with 4500 active publishers and still continuing to grow.


why choose clickadu


What’s so great about Clickadu?

First, an eye-catching thing is support. I know that you’re interested more in hearing that money-thing but support is really doing great and every question or suggestion can be solved right away with your personal manager or support team.


And now, a gold bag. The minimum payout is $10 what is good for small-traffic websites and your earnings can be withdrawn twice a month or by request. It’s good to see a variety of payment methods even the popular crypto BitCoin.

What are they paying for? The basic model is CPM (means per 1000 ad impressions), that’s a way more profitable than banner CPC/CPM. For high-demanding traffic, the CPM could raise up to $14 or even more. Constantly updating Anti-Adblock code could help you to earn 20% more.

Handy Monetization Platform makes it easy to monetize your website. The statistics update every hour and there you can filter your earnings as you wish: by date, by a website, by ad zone etc.


What’s the catch?

That sounds a little too good to be true. But it is, except that you can’t monetize a website with 36 daily visitors. Still, you need to work on a traffic quantity and quality to earn more so be patient there. Those two ‘q’ can lead you to the success affiliate marketing.


Watch my stats going:

clickadu stats
Here’s a small tip over here: Never watch CPM column as it’s just a… Number. The main thing here is profit.


Should I try?

You definitely should even if you’re still questioning your success. No one bites you if you try and at the end a humble or not so bounty is waiting for you. Double your earnings with website monetization.


Good luck on your way to the pop!

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How To Make Social Networks and Blogs Help Your Business Development

The modern-day marketing scene is nothing like what it used to be just a stone’ throw of years back. Nowadays, it’s all about SEO, keywords, backlinks, and content marketing. More so than these aspects, it’s also about social networks and blogging.

However, many businesses are struggling to see how these social networks, and blogs, are able to help their business develop and, therefore, expand, helping them to become increasingly successful. Today, we’re going to explore several ways these platforms can help you transform your business into something amazing.

Drive Traffic

Let’s start simple. Utilising social networks and blogging platforms within your business is going to help you drive traffic to your business’s website. To achieve this, you need to consider how people go about actually finding your business. More often than not, users will use a search engine, such as Google.

If you’ve got good SEO practices in play, you’ll hopefully come up near the top of the page. However, if you’re not, you need to think of other ways to attract an audience. By posting content marketing blogs onto your blog, and then sharing these blogs on your social media profiles, you can dramatically boost your incoming traffic rates.

Ruth Wright, a business developer for Best Australian Writers, explains;

Posting on a blog will also help you to boost your SEO ranking since each blog is an indexed page. This will, again, boost your website traffic through both the search engines and through your social media profiles. The more traffic you have, the more leads you’ll have. The concept is that simple.”

People Trust Social Networks

I’m not saying that you’re about to go off and lie to your customers and they’ll trust you because you’re on a social network. However, internet users don’t tend to see social networks as marketing tools, but as social networks.

This means when you’re posting to your feeds for your followers to see, they are much more likely to engage and respond to your content, rather than dismissing it as an advertisement. Again, this helps to boost your website traffic tenfold.

A New Kind of Targeted Advertising

One of the best features of social networks is the fact you can customise your advertising campaigns to suit your needs. For example, are you trying to sell yoga classes to 19-25-year-old females in the downtown areas of LA? This is all very achievable through social networks and can save you a tonne of time and money when it comes to advertising.

James Perry, a professional writer and journalist for Revieweal, continues;

Targeted advertising is your best friend and one of the best ways to get your content, your posts and your business in front of your potential customers that will care about what you’ve got to offer. Master how to use this system and your business will begin to develop beyond belief.”

Becoming the Authoritative Brand

As you’re developing your business and expanding, it’s your aim to become the leading brand in your industry. To do this, you need to be the hub of information for all your clients and customers. This means answering all of your customer’s most common questions about your industry so they know if they ever have a question or query, they can come straight to you.

This is why a blog is so important as this will be your platform for answering these questions. You need to ensure that your blogs are the highest quality, have no errors or grammatical mistakes and shine out from the rest of your competition.

Quality is Essential

Hand in hand with the consideration above, the quality of your content posts is essential. You’ll need to invest real time and effort into creating the best blog posts you possibly can. If your readers are reading your posts, and they’re not up to scratch, they’ll simply dismiss your content, and you’ll have lost a potential lead.

Many businesses nowadays are turning to academic writing services since they can create high-quality articles on your behalf. The services are becoming so popular that they were recently featured on the Huffington Post in Write My Paper.

Play the Long Ball

Blog posts are equally important to your business’s development to your social networks. For example, if you upload a blog post today, you might share it on your social media profile and get, say, 100 views. That’s great, you might have generated 20 leads, and everything is looking great.

However, that blog post is now an indexed page on your website and will continue to gain traffic for as long as it’s on the internet. Over the course of a year, this blog post might have amassed over 10,000 views and generated over 2,000 leads, a figure that can’t be easily dismissed.

Author Bio: Rachel Summers is a freelance writer whose passion is helping students get the most out of their learning journey. She started out as a writer and journalist in the newspaper industry, including Revieweal, before breaking out to go freelance and follow her own passions. Her writing is designed to help you get the most out of college.
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