[Solution] Cannot Update to macOS Big Sur 11.1

Apple has released the stable version of Mac OS Big Sur 11.1 lately. It brings new features including support to AirPods Max, enhancements to the TV app, new Apple News widgets, and privacy information to App Store. 

If you are expecting this update to be installed just like any other Mac OS software update, go to Apple logo > About This Mac, and click on the 'Software Update..' button. 

Checking software update

It will check for the updates and will show you about a 3.73GB BigSur 11.1 update with the aforementioned features added. I tried to install this update by clicking on the 'Update Now' button but it didn't work. It downloaded the whole update thrice in all my three attempts but the preparation stuck at some point in the progress of the installation. I'm glad this didn't happen while it was showing the Apple logo. I would have to take it to the service center. 

When I was looking for a solution, I found it on 9to5Mac.com that a bug called MicroMDM bug is causing the error for some of the users. I tried to bypass this bug's involvement in the updating process. The process worked like magic costing me triple the update size shown. This might work for you too.

Step 1: Open App Store > Searched for 'BigSur'.

Step 2: Click on the 'Get' button. The download will start right away but a 12GB file from the same 'Software Update' screen. 

Wait until it gets downloaded, and follow the installation process. It will now go smooth and you have the latest version of Mac OS BigSur 11.1.

macos bigsur11.1

Share your experience of updating your Mac to BigSur 11.1 in the comments below.

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