How to Check If Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend is Spying on You?


Lately, when I was hustling with my life, someone of the enthusiastic readers of Amfas Tech and friends started asking me how to hack their partner’s phone.

Seriously? Why do they want to play FBI here? I warned them despite taking their lucrative offer and refrained from it.

When it comes to the tech world, the serious problem is with the awareness that one can access others’ phone easily. That’s where it all starts.

It’s not my problem what’s going on between you two, but I incline towards the privacy more than infiltrating into someone’s device.

To all those wonderful boyfriends/girlfriends who feel like spied by their partners, this article is for you. Read it fully to know how can you check if your partner is interested in reading your texts and calls.

Detection Technique #1: Sudden decline in the battery life of the device

Did you notice the battery life of your phone declining? If your phone or laptop is not an older device or you are not working on some heavy applications lately, and still find depletion in the battery life, this could be because of keyloggers and other snooping software installed by your partner on your device

How someone can install software on your computer?

Not that I am complaining, have you shred your laptop or phone with your partner recently? Has he asked you for something where you had to leave your laptop with him for a couple of minutes? This could be it. These few minutes are enough for him to install spying software.

Has he asked to install any software luring you for other purposes? Don’t trust devices. They are heartless.

How to check if a strange application is running on your device?

Checking all running applications cannot help you find them sometimes. The spying software mostly runs in stealth mode. You neither can see them in running applications nor can find them in all apps list. This applies to all devices.
If you find your partner behaving strangely after quite some time, like trying to touch your phone, operate it or try to access your digital data, this is time to take step and sit-talk with him/her.

Always remember, most of the spying software can send your call data, messages that you send and receive, websites that you browse, and data you download. This will not only take a lot of power but the resources of the device. That is where it takes us to detection technique #2.

Detection Technique #2: Device slows down

It’s easy math. The more apps you run, the more hardware and system software resources it takes. Even when you are not running any heavy apps of not many apps sitting in RAM, you will find your phone with a lump of RAM slowing down for damn sake.

Clear the RAM once more and try using the device. If it slows down very quickly, this could be it.

Detection Technique #3: Unusual amount of data consumption

The software installed on your phone or laptop should send data to the attacker, your partner. To send all these monitored data, it would usually take an unusual amount of data for every message your send and receive. If you have noticed this on your phone happening since you gave access to your partner, something’s wrong, pal.

What is the solution? How to remove spying software on your phone/laptop?

There is one simple step but it costs heavy. Yeah! It’s asking your partner directly about it. Won’t that cost a relationship for you?

Free advice: It is better to get out of such a toxic relationship if it is proved.

Solution #1: Factory reset or format your hard drive and install a different version of OS

Yeah! This is a less painful task though it may result in the loss of data if not backed up. Do not backup apps and software if you are doing a factory reset or formatting your hard drive in case of the computer.

Solution #2: Turn off developer options and USB debugging

Turning on ‘developer options’ or ‘USB debugging’ on your phone is an open window to allow unidentified developers to install their harmful apps.

If it’s on your computer, turn on your ‘Windows Smart Screen’ and firewall settings to ‘strict’. If you are using a mac, make sure you haven’t set the setting to allow unidentified developers. Make sure the lock is still locked up.

Solution #3: Update your operating system

Operating system vendors won’t allow spy applications to run hiding inside the system. Update your computer or phone to the latest version of the operating system which would have best security patch for the time.

Solution #4: Check permissions

On your phone, permissions are accesses given to applications. If you are using the latest version of Android, check permissions settings and what applications are given access. Cut down the access to suspicious apps.

On the computer, permissions are related to users and their privileges. Login as admin and check the list of software applications running on your computer. End suspicious programs and remove them from startup programs.

Bonus tip: Create a new user and continue using your device

Your current user might have all admin privileges. That’s what the spying applications need. Your login into admin accounts.
Create a new user with standard permissions that will restrict the access to crucial system-level applications which are dependencies of any spying application.

Start using your phone or computer with standard user permissions. If any spying program has to run on a system, it will ask for the admin password to continue. Got the rat!

Identify the program in the list of installed programs and completely remove them.

Notice: Although, some software runs on all users as preset by the hacker. If your partner is a techie and he/she know how to hack systems, these simple detection techniques might not some to use. 


Weak battery, more RAM consumption, excessive data usage may not always be your partner spying on you. It could be any other hacker or any malware app that is installed on your phone or computer according to your usage. Don't blame him/her for everything. It's usage pattern also sometimes that ought to be kept in mind while doing the analysis discussed above.

You can always text me on the Facebook page if you want any help with this. Every case is different. 

Hope that helps!

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