Transfer Data, Connect Ethernet, and Charge Phone with 1 USB-C Port

USB-C, also called as USB-Type C is a bi-fold symmetric connector that improvises the data transfer and charging speeds of devices to their maximum capability. Almost every device, smartphones and laptops are adopting this hardware monotony to establish a standard in the technological fraternity.

Apple implemented USB-C to its MacBooks now. It doesn’t make a difference but creates a scope for a solution to use a USB-C hub for extended ports. It wasn’t possible with the old ports on older MacBooks.

The devices are becoming thinner ditching most useful ports to make them robust in design and performance. Like as in the latest MacBooks, many other smartphones are featuring USB-C to foster faster data and charging speeds. For me, USB-C is love, because I don’t have to inspect the right side every time while plugging it in.

The problem with a single USB-C port on the device leaves no option but to choose between charging or data transfer. The problem is solved by Juiced Systems with its USB-C hubs. I’ve got a chance to get my hands on two of their USB-C solutions. They are,
  1. BizHUB Pro – USB-C Advanced Multiport Adapter
  2. VertexHUB – USB-C/USB-A/USB 3.1 Gen 2 – 10Gbps dedicated data and charging hub.
I’ll review my favourite of the two, BizHUB Pro first.

BizHUB Pro Review: Transfer Data, Connect to Ethernet, and Charge Phone with One USB-C Port.

Having nine ports of the total, weighing less than a credit cardholder, BizHUB Pro outperforms the expectations. It connects to any USB-C device extending its connectivity to following ports:
  • 3 USB 3.1 ports.
  • 2 USB-C (one for charging and one for data) ports.
  • 1 ethernet port.
  • 1 HDMI port
  • 1 microSD card slot.
  • 1 camera memory card slot.

Faster Data Transfer:

With USB 3.1 technology, the data speeds will be top-notch with BizHUB. You can literally connect three pen drives to transfer data simultaneously. MacBooks are known for their speed in data transfer and processing. You will experience a true demonstration of its capability with three USB 3.1 devices connected to it.

Charging and Data Transfer:

With BizHUB Pro, you can charge your laptop and transfer data simultaneously using the two USB-C ports on the adapter, while other ports are functional and uninterrupted in their courses.

Ethernet Connection:

No wireless internet connection can match with a wired ethernet connection. Unfortunately, we do not have a chance to connect an ethernet cable to our MacBooks. The BizHUB Pro solves the problem featuring an ethernet port for a wired connection. It felt like heaven after I connected my MacBook with wired internet.

Memory Card & MicroSD Card Slots Connection:

BizHUB Pro has all types of major connectivity options including the MicroSD slot and memory card slot for quick plugin and play of the photos and videos from the digital cameras.

HDMI Solution:

While the data transfer from multiple pen drives, memory cards are happening along with the ethernet connection blazing the internet faster than ever, HDMI solution helps connect the MacBook to bigger or secondary displays.

Not bad for a pocket-sized multi-port adapter. Isn’t it? You can get BizHUB Pro for just $80 on Juiced Systems Portal.

VertexHUB Review: 10Gbps Data Transfer Solution Compatible with Apple OSX, Windows, and Linux

Housing five USB-C ports, three USB 3.1 ports, and one 12V DC port for power supply, VertexHUB stays compatible with top three platforms, Linux, Apple OSX and Windows. This update acts as a prosthetic addition to the computer adding more connectivity options.

As it is not dependent on the computer for power, the data speeds will touch up to 10Gbps. The DC adapter connected to it passes the charge to the device as fastly as the normal plug-in charger.

VertexHUB is available for just $75 on Juiced Systems website. Order one now for your USB-C multi-port problems.
What do you think? Which USB-C multi-port solution did you like? Comment your opinion below.

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