10 Trending E-commerce Business Strategies to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

The shopping season has been shifted from November to be celebrated throughout the year, as far as the hot new trends are going, no matter how many days, weeks or months it extends to. It’s time for the retailers too, as they will be benefited from the trend as the promotion will now be spread through the year on various intervals. The adjustment can be made according to them as per their need. And soon there will be no gambling on the sales results on any single day.

Market overview of E-commerce from 2011- 2016

According to the US Department of Commerce statistics, 53%of Indian users have done online shopping the previous year, which counts for more than a billion users.

This article is going to highlight E-Commerce trends that should not be missed in 2018:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There is going to be generous time for the consumers in interacting with the AI. This automatic device is the first point of contact for shoppers to ask about their confusion, about the offers. Then E-Commerce is all set to be taken over by the AI. So, just get ready to chat or convey your needs on your next online shopping. The AI will always be there for the shoppers to advice them at any time. We can already see the benefit of the Artificial Intelligence as many food chains have been opened. Now people can order pizzas or burgers online just by sending the message.

No more cash and wallet

The consumers today are able to purchase and make transactions without their physical wallets. The consumers will be able to make payment even with the items such as watches, rings, etc. The retailers are smart enough and will soon be adding this new mechanism in their payment. The e-wallets are also making their presence in the market as opposed to the physical money that was a necessity once.

Commerce emerged with E-Commerce

All channels have started preparing the strategy for commerce to unite. Platforms like MCOM provides experienced regulation for the modern consumers. The customers now prefer retailers to give privilege to the purchaser as they are not dealing with the part but as a whole brand.

Direct brand contact

The buyers of today want the direct connection with the brands. They just don't like any medium. The retailers and the firm would like to build a relationship with the customers. From there, it becomes evident that E-Commerce is not only beneficial but is also crucial for the retail business. The knowledge regarding the trends will be helpful for the retailers to choose the best available service and plan. The retailers will be updated with the present rules and operation of the business area.

Dynamic Shopping Experience

Transformation is going to take place in the E-Commerce section. The dynamic shopping experience adaption takes place according to the user needs. The customers of today not only share the outlandish information on their multiform apparatus. They also want the retailers to convey the information to them in some unique experience of shopping. The retailers must confirm the needs of the customers. What they want, where they want and when they want is the task of the retailer to give them.

Adoption of sales funnel

This is an excellent tool to increase the sales in the market. Sales tube helps in controlling the journey of the customer according to their behavior. We have already come along a long way from the products to the database and are hoping for the transactions to shoot-up. The market is intense and we cannot turn or fall after this turning period.

Go get them, and make 2018 your year!

Same day deliveries

The customers can now get the products on the same day of their demand. The small line between the online and offline shopping will come to an end as same day delivery will emerge. People are even ready to pay some extra bucks for delivery on the same day. As the consumers want the delivery on the same day so, on-time delivery will continue to grow.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Another trend of technology which will transform E-Commerce shopping experience will be virtual or augmented reality based on the product and concept of marketing. With the arrival of these inexpensive tools in the market, E-Commerce store will become virtual. In the near future, consumer’s will be able to view their product in a much advanced 360 degrees view. So, we should be ready to embrace the technology and be among its early adopters to amuse customers with a more realistic shopping experience.

IoT enabled E-Commerce

According to the Cisco report, the connected tool will reach up to 40 billion by 2020. The number of the connected tool is expected to lead to IoT enabled Ecommerce. It will just be a matter of time since the other brands will join the line. Imagine a home filled with IoT tools that also acts as a point of service (POS) or could connect to an E-Commerce channel. Exciting, isn't it?

Real-time customer support

Most of the readers have been through this painful experience. How long the retailers have to wait for the response from their customers. But thanks to E-commerce, the future looks like we will not have to face this problem. As the new players are entering the market each day, competition is becoming fierce. It is going to become tough for the E-Commerce section to stand out. They will be looking further for the consumer's support for achieving a competitive advantage. So to edge past their competitors, they will offer real-time customer support to facilitate its users with a better service.

Concluding thoughts:

From all the points mentioned above, we can conclude that E-Commerce is not only essential but also necessary for the retailers business. The knowledge of the trend will help them select better tools and strategies to move up the ladder. They will be capable of competing with the present modes and process of the business. This guide will help them to choose the correct partner for the online growth. The key to E-Commerce success lies in catching trends.

Finally, we can say that E-Commerce is one of the backbones of any business and to succeed in this high tech era, we need to kick-start our business with the E-Commerce and m-commerce.

Author Bio: Ashish Parmar as a CEO of Prismetric, a top-rated Mobile App Development Company, adds to perspectives about mobile app development, Start-ups, Business Development and Leadership. An entrepreneur by heart, he loves to discuss the latest tech especially if it is mobile technology. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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