How to Get Involved More In Your Teen’s Smartphone Life

We are all living in the digital age; the age of smartphones. Almost all the adults and teens carry a smartphone with them, in fact, not having one is the odd thing now. This smart gadget lets you do everything on the go and it seems like the world is in your pocket. Where some parents are still trying to grasp the smart technology, the children are several steps ahead and understanding technology is not difficult for them.

The Kids are fast learners, they are well accustomed to the working of the internet and digital devices and they are quick in following the latest trends. This becomes a concern for parents as every new trend is not good for them. Another problem that parents face is the overuse of these devices which affects their health and creating a void between the parent-child relations.

Parents often find themselves worried about how they should take care of their kids’ smartphone activity. They are aware that they should keep a check on kids so that they can live a balanced life and stay away from the dangers of sexting, porn watching, privacy breach, cyberbullying and online sex solicitation. But they don’t know how to keep a check on all these things without being intrusive. What these parents need are parental control apps that are designed for the exact same purpose.

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These apps provide the help parents need. They can get involved in their kids’ lives and ensure their safety, directly from their own smartphone. Remember that communicating with the kids is always the first step and continuously educating them is very important. Parenting apps are an additional help, they make it easier for parents to see that their kids follow the rules.

There are many parental control apps out there in which FamilyTime is a prominent name. It has several parenting features on a single platform. Parents can use it individually or add guardians in the loop. Check out how you can get involved in your kids’ life using FamilyTime:
  • Monitor cell phone activity like calls, SMS, and contacts.
  • Monitor their web activity, like browser history and bookmarked pages.
  • Make a balanced screen routine with screen time locks.
  • Block adult-rated, unsafe mobile apps.
  • Make sure they drive safe by setting driving limits.
  • Stay aware of their location with location tracking.
  • Get updates with Geofencing places.
  • Get SOS messages and pickup alerts directly from your kids.
All these features help you keep a check on the unsafe activity like sexting, bullying, threats etc. and restrict destructive behavior as well.

The smartphone life is a whole different life in which the kids get exposed to various things, some of which are bad for them. They can affect them, both emotionally and physically. Technology presents a great way to know what kids are doing on their smartphones in the form of parental control apps. Every parent that has a kid or teen using a smartphone, must supervise their kids and incorporate such apps in their lives.

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