8 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Next Blog Post

Don’t use random word generators, don’t skim social media to find topics, and try not to stick too close to current trends. Don’t hunt down the most popular hash tags of the day, or the most shared content topics, and don’t use keyword tools for inspiration. Strongly consider using one of the tips listed below because the resultant topics you create will better stand the test of time.

1. Take An Opposing View To Something That Your Instinct Tells You Is Wrong

There are plenty of articles and blog posts on the Internet that are just plain wrong and you can counter their inaccuracy by writing an article on the subject yourself. For example, if you Google something relating to “Trust seals,” you will see many articles that support their use, whereas if you read the University College London paper on trust seals, you will see that they are all wrong. Can you correct an inaccuracy that is currently lingering on the Internet?

2. Do What Your Competitors Have Done

Some people are reluctant to write about the same topics that their competitors have written about in what is becoming known as the “Simpsons Did It” syndrome. Not everybody on the Internet has seen your competitors’ posts, plus, you can probably do a better job than they did. Even if you do not have the resources to conduct the research they did, you still have your own style, thoughts and creativity.
Simpsons Did It
The content your competitors created may be perfectly sound, but they may not have the flair for engaging with their target readers that you have. Consider popular media, does the Simpsons really stand apart from all these cartoons? Flintstones, The Jetsons, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, and King Of The Hill. Each cartoon is frankly very similar to the other, but they all have their own unique humor and way of doing what all the others are doing.

3. Answer The Questions That You Had To Google

Answer the questions you have posed to Google yourself. Gaming reviewers do it all the time. They play a game and wonder how to do something, so they Google it. They then write about their experience and offer the same solution they found so their readers don’t have to do the research themselves.

You have a great advantage as a current blogger because you probably have to Google things all the time. You probably have to do epic amounts of research before you mix it with your creativity to create your blog posts. Consider the very questions that you typed into Google, especially if you had a hard time finding the answer. The harder it was to find an answer, the more valuable your blog post will be.

4. Offer People An Extension On Current Knowledge

Take the Star Trek example. There are plenty of popular websites such as Wikipedia that cover the subject in detail, so why have so many bloggers written articles on the subject? It is because there is always more information to mine from the subject, and bloggers are able to add their knowledge without restriction.

5. Self Indulge!!!

Too many bloggers are so hungry for readers that they rely almost exclusively on their pre-determined blog topic logic that they justify with their analytic data. Some bloggers follow trends more closely than even the news distributors, and such people forget that blogging is supposed to be personal and fun. Take a risk now and then and write about something you want to…even if it conflicts with the demands or tastes of your target audience.

6. Never Neglect Personal Experience

The HSBC customer support teams are very good, especially in HSBC bank branches, but did you have an unfortunate experience with one? Many Apple developers in the coding community are unhelpful when compared to all other coders, but did you have an experience with an especially helpful iOS forum member? Note how those two questions are based on the personal experience of this article’s writer. You are no doubt writing blog posts on a certain industry or theme, which means you must be fairly close to it in order to write about it efficiently. If that is the case, then your experiences as a blogger should work well as blog post topics from time to time.

7. Re-Use And Update Your Old Blog Posts

Some bloggers burn out because they think they have covered every element of their current niche. Before you abandon your blog and become one of the 95% who give up, re-do your old blog posts. Add to them, or even use them as a basis for starting a series of articles on the same topic. You can cover the same topic more than one time if you still have more to add. Try expanding on the points you only glossed over. For example, if you take one of the tips on this article and try it, couldn’t you add more to the subject than this article does?

8. Allow Your Users To Select The Next Topic

Some say the best way to sell a product is to sell it first and then create it. Bloggers have the distinct advantage of being able to create a new product (new content) on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis without deviating from what people consider to be the Blogger’s norm. Try what Honest Trailers do and ask people what they want before you create it.
Honest Trailers Suggestions

Grow Forests Before You Cut Down Trees

Concentrate on the mechanisms you use to come up with new blog topics. Time is slowly showing us that the most successful timber sellers are also the best forest growers. Instead of jumping from one idea to the next, focus on the mechanisms you are using to generate your ideas. Improve those, and you will never have to read an article like this again.

Author Bio: Robert Morris is an experienced content marketing manager. Now he works as a freelance writer for Simplemost, Lifehacker and essay writing reviews blog.

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