Meet the Improvised Data Recovery Wizard 10.8 from EaseUS

Data is the most valued part of the digital era. That’s why data recovery tools and professionals are highly paid in the real world. The demand for data recovery has shown an opportunity for the software developers to develop their own piece of software that recovers the data lost due to different reasons.

One of the best data recovery software programs that are available on the internet is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. We have seen the working and features of this tool (older version) in the past in this article, I will be taking a tour on the latest improvements that this tool is coming with.


Note: You can even try the trial version of this software and check the functionality of the software before you buy. This free data recovery software version will allow you to use all the options but some of them with some limitations. If you want to seriously recover the deleted or formatted data, better buy a license.

In what situations you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

When your files got deleted knowingly or unknowingly – It is very common to lose files. We may delete necessary files unknowingly sometimes or we may want those files that we have deleted in the past considering them useless. In such situations, don’t sit and grieve for the loss of data. This data recovery wizard will bring them back to life and give you a second chance.

When you formatted files on the disk – Formatting the disk is another major and common enemy of the data on computers. We generally lose the data on disks while we format the disks. Unfortunately, there is no ‘undo’ method for formatting. We cannot just simply revert back all changes that happened on to the data on the disk. In such a situation, EaseUS data recovery software helps to recover data in a simple 3 step process.

Hard drive damage – No hardware is invincible. All those ‘data stays forever’ basics of computers that we have learned in our childhood are not true. Data will be lost along with the worn-out hardware. Hard disks are the most vulnerable hardware for damage. In such hard disk damage situations, this software can help you recover the data from it easily and intelligently.

Virus attacks – The darkest side of the software industry is the virus. The malicious programs designed and developed by hackers are meant to snatch, delete and hijack the control over the date from the owner. EaseUS data recovery wizard will help to recover that data removed by the viruses.

Operating system failures – It may be due to viruses or any other file corruptions, the operating systems will fail to start or work properly. In such situations, recovering the data from the computer would need expert knowledge of the computers. This data recovery tool will facilitate the easy options to the user to recover such data easily, with no expert knowledge needed.

Hard disk partition errors – During the disk partition management, the probability of losing the data is high compared to that of other reasons. The data will be lost in a royal path during partitioning. Luckily, this data recovery tool has that option to bring back those royal taxed data back safe.

Troublesome RAW Partition – The RAW partition is the crashed or corrupted form of hard disk with data that is not usually accessible. You would often be asked to format the partition while opening it. As we have no option left to take action, we would generally format the disk resulting in the data loss. EaseUS data recovery software helps to recover that data too.

To recover data from external disks and devices – Not just the data on the native computer, EaseUS data recovery wizard software recovers the data loss on the external devices too. You can recover data from the devices like external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, digital camera, mobile phones, music players and so alike.

How to use EaseUS data recovery wizard 10.8?

Go to EaseUS website and download the free data recovery software (data recovery wizard 10.8). You can use the free trial with limitation up to 2GB recovery capacity only. You may try it for a couple of days if you want and buy the license later. By the way, that is an intelligent thing to do.

Step 1: Run the setup file and install the software like any other program on your computer. EaseUS will not recommend any adware along with this version (10.8) of the tool.

Step 2: Select the type of files that you want to recover on your disk and click next.


Step 3: Select the disk (either internal or external) in this step and click scan.


Step 4: Let the scan complete and when it is done, select the folder(s) and file(s) that you wanted to recover and click recover.


Step 5: Select a location to save the recovered files and folders and wait for the process to complete.

Tip: If the scan shows too many large files and if you won’t have time to proceed with it, you may save the scan results while closing the application and respond later.


EaseUS has rectified the little bugs and improved the compatibility of the software with the latest version of the operating systems. This has improved the performance of the tool and its ability to recover.

Don’t take risks and disturb your file table on the disks with failing methods to recover the files. Use this data recovery tool right after you notice the data loss and recover it well back in a good state.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the tool in the comments below. Also, share any good working methods to recover the data that you had benefited from.

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