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Has Apple Lost It After All These Years?

What comes as a symbol of richness and dignity in movies and TV ads? Why a glowing bitten apple is on the back of the laptop lies in a selfie shot? Did you see any mirror selfie shots being taken without the Apple logo on the back of their phones?


Okay! I’ll slow down a bit and let you think.


Times up!


It is because Apple products are the symbol of richness, dignity and even royalty of this era. The middle class hero in the movie will be using the MacBook and the world doesn’t care how does he get such a costly piece of computer.


Yeah! I know. That’s Bollywood logic and Bollywood logics have no scientific proofs but a blind belief.


If we talk about selfies, they are most popular even from the days of earlier camera phones where the selfie taker do it in front of the mirror with his/her phone. It was started a rare practice and has been an addiction since the Apple iPhones. People, yet love to take selfies with their back camera in front of the mirror even having the very good front camera on the phone and that phone would be an iPhone.


That’s because they just want to show off their iPhone and the Apple logo on the mirror. It’s more than a phone and to pride itself when held in hand.


Voice from the sky: Excuse me! I thought this would be a technical story and you are literally talking like a drunkard.


That’s being said. Let’s skip into technical.


The reason why people started loving Apple products is because of the passion and the art of work in their every product that they put and how it integrates into the lives of humans.




Voice from the sky: That’s deep.


The very first idea of making a computer that can be carried everywhere is innovation that is admired by the whole world for the era of computers. You may not know the father of digital computer, Alan Turner but you know Steve Jobs very well.


Apple stood for innovation. The perfection of design has also been taken inside the shell, thereby standards of computers.


The whole music library in pocket

When Steve Jobs was thrown out of Apple, the company started to fall in the world market with their meaningless un-unique designs which even Steve Jobs hated once a while. Later, when he came back, he created the smallest MP3 player, iPod as he named it, that fits in your pocket like anything. The invention of iPhone with touch screen and no stylus to operate hardware and software integration amazed the world. That was the best cell phone that world has even seen thus far.



The dream of thinnest laptop

The dream of carrying a laptop without much strain to muscle and storage space is made a reality by the Apple Inc. with the introduction of the thinnest MacBook, named MacBook Air. Jobs actually inaugurated pulling it out from a office document cover. That inspired the world of computers. Other manufacturers started to make thin computers.



Biometrics and computers

iPhone 5S was the first best S model that the Apple has introduced. It has integrated the biometrical security in the mobile phone which is a whole new thing to the world of smartphones.



No smartphone thus far has featured the gold colored back panel. Who would you think will like to buy a gold colored mobile phone instead of conventional black and dark colors. This seeded the invention of new colors to the smartphones as we see them today.


The software and hardware policy

One of the best reasons why people always love to use iPhones is the software on the top of their wonderful collaboration of hardware. The smoothness, graphics and the simplicity hits the bulls-eye of any user in no time, every single time.




Named iOS, the iPhone’s operating system is the best operating systems that once can use on earth on a mobile phone with minimal hardware configuration to the fullest. They believe that the hardware and software should be made by one manufacturer unlike Android phones. The exclusiveness of the software helps in maintaining the privacy and security of the user data.


What Apple has lost now?

Things were perfect till 2011. Later Steve Jobs died and the company has started to make their borrowed cup of ideas which are not of the Apple kind.


iPhone 7 which is a sheer disappointment with no new design and no proper upgrades, criticized as the iPhone 6SS (the next version of iPhone 6S), instead of 7. Apart from the camera module and the iOS upgrade, the whole phone looks and works like iPhone 6S and an average user won’t find the difference until tested by some benchmarking tools. The depreciation of 3.5mm audio jack with extra connectors and adaptors really upset the users this time.


When the world is waiting for new MacBook, the company has announced a new MacBook 2016 with deprecated function buttons and introduction of new touch bar and touch ID. The touch bar, they say turns into application specific controller which is of course an upgrade but not a complete one.


Microsoft, the main competitor of Apple from beginning, on the other hand is improving its status with the introduction of the new Surface Studio which dominates the new MacBook 2016.


Apple has lost the passion to create new things. The brand value of Apple in people is blinding the company to run behind the money train instead if the vision and a mission. The company has forgotten the innovation that it stood for in the initial stages. After all these years, Apple has lost it.


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