Samsung Kills Galaxy Note 7 and What's Next?
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Samsung Kills Galaxy Note 7 and What's Next?

Samsung is one of the best brands out there in the market. From being a small electronics maker to be the giant of the smartphone market, the rise of this brand has been no less than phenomenal. But the brand seems to have received one of its biggest setbacks recently. So, Lee Kun-Hee owned company has got itself in a zone which it least wanted.


With small complaints coming initially, the major setback came when the major mobile carriers of USA said that they would not sell Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to high safety concerning issues. This made Samsung act in an alarming mode which even resulted in Samsung putting 150,000 defective phones on fire outside one of its major factory in South Korea.


The major question coming in the mind of every single common person is why Galaxy Note 7 which was expected to be the direct rival of Apple iPhones is catching fire. For their power, phones use lithium-ion battery packs which are most likely to explode in case of short-circuiting. We've known for quite a long time that lithium particle batteries represent a hazard. However, the hardware business keeps on utilizing the combustible recipe on the grounds that the batteries are so much littler and lighter than less-dangerous sciences.




Lithium particle batteries pack a punch, for better or in negative ways. No brand or model is essentially protected; for example, unfortunate iPhone owners supposedly experienced dreadful blazes detonating gadgets in 2015 and 2016. What's more, however, the Galaxy Note 7 is standing out as truly newsworthy right now. Other Samsung mobile phones have likewise blasted into blazes, similar to the Galaxy Core that purportedly smoldered a 6-year-old tyke prior this week.


In the event that the battery short circuits – Say, by puncturing the unfathomably thin sheet of plastic isolating the positive and negative sides of the battery - the cut point turns into the easiest course of action for power to stream. It warms up the (combustible!) fluid electrolyte at that spot.


What's more, if the fluid warms up rapidly enough, the battery can detonate.


Even the replacements models caught fire due to this major issue and at the moment Samsung has paused the sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and trying to find out a permanent solution to this issue.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s current issue has damaged the reputation and brand value of Samsung at the market which can affect the sale of its future premium smartphones along with other products. Samsung needs to work more on covering its battery with more protection against short circuit which is occurring more during the charging process or just after charging due to excessive heat.


Though, a positive critic review can help Samsung propel its future premium smartphones but the effect due to the blast will still be there in the mind of common people which is sure to bring down the market value of those phones well before its arrival to the market as we know- “Working hard for years cannot give you that many customers which you will lose with a mistake you make just once.


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