Xiaomi Mi5 Vs.OnePlus 2: Which One to Buy?

OnePlus 3 is already here and do you wonder why I am talking about buying OnePlus 2? Because some older phones are far better than the latest versions. One the top OnePlus 2 have already got a price cut and is now available on Amazon at Rs.23,000 (as of now).

I know the latest phones come with better hardware and software upgrades but the older phones with the price cut are worth buying than buying them during releasing times.

There is another beast from Xiaomi, the Mi5 with the flagship features at the price of Rs.25,000 with the latest upgrades that you are looking for. The OnePlus3 might be the good opponent to compare but not at the price point. You can also read my comparison of OnePlus 3 vs Xiaomi Mi5 if you want.
This article is going to focus on the confusions over choosing the two middle range powerful smartphones, Mi5 and OnePlus 2. Let’s make this straight and simple,

Decision making points about Xiaomi Mi5 vs. OnePlus 2

Comparison 1: The first thing that we look at the smartphone is the design. Unlike Moto phones, OnePlus 2 and Mi5 comes with fantastic design ergonomics that offer premium look as well as firm grip for better usage.

The OnePlus 2 is a bigger device with 5.5 inch screen followed by the bigger body. Mi5, on the other hand, is a 5.1 inch screen phone that fits well in hand.

For bigger hands – OnePlus 2 (If you are okay with both the designs).
For smaller hands – Mi5 (If you are okay with both the designs).

Comparison 2: The performance is what get into mind next for any sort of buyer. Xiaomi Mi5 is packed with Snapdragon 820 where as OnePlus 2 comes with Snapdragon 810. You might not feel the difference in performance unless you use the phone at its dying best. OP2 comes with 4GB DDR4 RAM and Mi5 with 3GB DDR4 which might not show the difference when compared in an average user’s hand.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot spend a penny after 23K INR, go for OnePlus 2 in terms of processing capability.

However, the Mi5 is a little bit better comparatively (amount of RAM will not increase the performance but multitasking capability).

Comparison 3: The third comparison module should be the camera. It is after all the third basic feature that matters to an average user.

Mi5 have 16MP OIS and 4MP ultra-pixel camera where as OnePlus 2 has 13MP (with 6-lens technology) and 5MP camera. Megapixels is not the first thing to count on when considering cameras here. It doesn't mean that higher the megapixels, better the camera.

Not considering the megapixels, when the sample shots are compared, Mi5 performs the best at taking clear and crispy subject focused photographs. OnePlus 2 underperforms when compared with the Mi5.

Have no limits to budget, go for Mi5.
Can’t spend a penny over 23K INR? OnePlus is not worst at all. Go for it.

Comparison 4: The internal memory should be discussed here. OnePlus 2 comes with 64GB eMMC 5.0 internal memory technology where as Mi5 with 32GB eMMC 5.1 which is 80% more faster than 5.0.

Need a phone with larger memory? it’s OnePlus 2.
Need a phone with faster memory? It’s Xiaomi Mi5.

Comparison 5: If software is considered, Mi5 and OP2 have customized android software which get updates often. The both operating systems are customizable to most extent at the user end and are comfortable.

Yet, Mi5 is complained to have software issues regarding the network connectivity. It was also reported to be having some bugs that are obstructing the performance.

Bugs are not permanent. Mi5 may get them removed in the next major software update. OP2 with Oxygen OS offers good performance with initial issues of fingerprint scanner malfunctions.

MIUI is the most difficult UI of all Android phones. If you want a new UI to try or is used to MIUI in the past, go with Xiaomi Mi5.
If you need an easy UI, OP2 is the one for you.


There is nothing to conclude from my side. You have the points table now. Go with the device with highest personal points.

If this review helped you, please buy it from the following links and help us:
Xiaomi Mi5: http://amzn.to/1Qbu09l
OnePlus 2: http://amzn.to/1UDp2Ou

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