Why Should You Use VPN as a Serious Blogger?

Virtual Private Networks and blogging are closely related to each other. Blogging, being an online activity would need anonymity to the internet bots (either good or bad) to hide the preferences and browsing habits which could influence and manipulate the SERP at your end.

If you are a blogger and you have spent some time on searching and doing research on the topics that you are writing on, the ordering of the results on the SERP will change positions based on the cookies that were saved on to your computer.

The cookies are the most misleading elements of networking when it comes to the intelligent search engine algorithm analysis.

It might benefit the search engines to improve the user experience as a user but will effect the recording stats of your SEO strategies as a blogger.

You would so need to connect to the internet to blog through a mediator server that cannot be tracked by the search bots.

If you have ever noticed in the Google Analytics about the unknown/encrypt incoming searches or its sources, you would have got my point by now.

Why VPN? Can’t I use a proxy?

Though they work similar up to some extent, VPN and proxy are two different network models that have their own benefits and losses.

A proxy server will definitely slow down the speed of the internet access no matter how much speed your internet connection can bare.

Also, a proxy can only bypass the restriction of the content and websites that were imposed in the area/country. It cannot provide the encryption at full extent. 

And most importantly, a proxy cannot virtually add the device to the private network of the office or an organization from the remote computer(computer at your location).

A VPN on the other hand will not only secure and protect the privacy of the user connected but also removes the geo-restrictions of the content on the internet. It allows to connect to the office network securely and allows the access to the content on the network safely. You can see secure SSL VPN demo from this page.

Using VPN as a blogger

Blogging involves a lot of research before writing. It takes lot of time skimming though the content, digesting the facts and sorting out the content points.

1. The time you spend on the computer will hint the user behavior cookies to sort out the SERP results. (Yes! I’ve said that before).

2. If your blogging platform considers the location that you are posting from, restrictions might be imposed on content based on the location. In other perspective, some blogposts with locations tagged locations are checked against genuinely by the search engine algorithms.

For example, If I have posted an update about Apple WWDC event tagging blogpost like as posted from San Francisco, the cookies in the local computer will check and determine the authority scores in ranking it on the SERP. (Yes, that’s an unknown analysis paradigm of search engine algorithms)

3. If you are blogging some serious content over the public hotspot or shared network, that content that is being composed/drafted can be eavesdropped by the hacker (probably the competitor blogger). The safety matters here.

4. If everything has to be recorded, communicated and shared along with the office  mates in office network and you are not in the office, a virtual private network helps you connect, share and communicate.

If you are a serious blogger and is looking for some serious and premium VPN software, NordVPN is the one you should checkout 

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts about it.

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