Don’t Buy a Kindle, The Kindle Oasis at all

Why would you need an epaper when there is solid weighted printed physical paper book? Kindle is an eBook reader for addictive reading. Books are not. You cannot carry all your books even though you are addicted. That is for your greater good.

Kindle might be Amazon’s best innovations with e-ink displays that can standby days but, they are electronic devices after all. Books don’t need charging and all. They work for ages without charging. Can a Kindle standby a week more crossing a month?

Any Kindle would hardly standby for a month on single charge. Whatever!!

A physical book is a sweet weight in hand and people would love to hold it even for style. Can you walk along with grace with a Kindle in hand?


Of course you can walk hands-free more stylishly by keeping the Kindle comfortably in your bag. Kindle Oasis might be more comfortable, but I am talking about walking with grace here.


A physical book smells good. And a Kindle?

Can you smell a Kindle? How does it smell?


Books and bugs are cats and rats. The fun of smashing insects with books is nothing like anything. Can you smash a bug with a Kindle? You could kill them both with a blow if tried.

You can write anything on the papers in a book. You can write your name, your family name, your pup’s name, your computer’s name and all the names of your neighbors on it.


Yeah! you can write on it. Because, paper is meant to be written something on.

Can you write anything on Kindle?

You can even bind the cover pages and stick any Spiderman or Doremon labels on it. Can you stick any labels on the Kindle?

Of course, you will get the Kindle cover. But, it is not made up of paper at all.


On the top, who would want to carry the thousands of books with them while travelling? If people are that much bookworms, they better stay at home and travel in their own imagination.

Books can be made pillows sometimes depending on the situation. You can’t get the sophistication of sleeping on the books while reading anywhere else.



The ‘chluk-chluk’ page turning sound sounds far better than ‘chitak-chitak’ button pressing sound on Kindle.

And the thickness, especially the Oasis is so thin, it’s just 0.13’’ inches (8.5mm). It can be broken if any weights placed on it in the store room. Books don’t break.

(How can a reading material can be so thin? What a design!)

One can even store one’s bills and other papers in books. Can you store anything else on Kindle?

Epaper? Isn’t that what it is? Will people store e-money in that or what?

(Sarcastic laugh)

{ Someone whispers: I can get 5 Kindle books for the price of one physical book. Can you buy something like that? }

(Who’s that?? Searching……)

{ The same person: Would you buy a new book again if you get the book damaged or what? }

{ The same person again: I can have a Kindle and a pet rat in the same room. Can you have a rat at any corner of your home where there are books in it? }

{ The person with knockout blow: I save paper, I save trees, I save earth and life on it without stopping to read. Can you do the same without stopping to read? }

Ahem! Ahem!

So, That’s why, you don’t dare to buy a Kindle. Do not prefer the Kindle Oasis at all.

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