Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 & Mi5 to go on Open Sale from June 1st
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 & Mi5 to go on Open Sale from June 1st

Finally, after all Chor-Police game, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Mi5 are going on in an open sale beginning June 1st. This one month had shown the stars in the day light to the Redmi Note 3 lovers who have been waiting to grab in an every flash sale. The scripts will have no demand and the 2PM tension and ‘Out of Stock’ dismays will no more be heard.


Hugo Barra announced it on Facebook just now with a GIF of himself creating a lip-print with the Xiaomi device;



The script and no-script tricks that we have been using so far will go in vain and they have to search for another flash device now.


Redmi Note 3 has been identified as the best performing device under the budget of Rs.15,000 in India with its outstanding multitasking and gaming showoff.


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This phablet even dominated the devices like Lenovo ZUK Z1 and Meizu M3 Note that came later. In fact, the sales of Redmi Note 3 are more in numbers than the Mi5 which came into market as a middle range device with powerful chipset and gear.


I though it was some bug in the Amazon in the previous flash sale itself that allowed me to add a product to the cart at 2:20PM and checkout later at 3:30PM on the same day. The actual expiry time was 15 minutes and the clock stopped showing counting down when I was entering the address details.


Who whos the Amazon is gearing up for this from the next week’s open sale. Anyhow, the hustle is no more. Walk free to the Redmi Note 3 page, add it to your cart and checkout.


Enjoy booking a RN3 from June 1st in an open sale like a boss.


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