Bored? Try Out These Top 10 Movie Apps for Android

Think of yourself as a great movie lover? Well, how many of the movie apps of Android are you familiar with? I am sure the list wouldn’t be that long. Even without the help of all these apps you manage to watch a lot of movies. Think of how many movies you can enjoy with proper use of technology!
If you’re willing to stream movies online rather than watching them on your Android smartphone. Then check out this post, where you can find some of the best sites to watch movies online.
Now here we have come for the rescue, presenting to you the list of top 10 movie apps of android that sure is going to take your breath away. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

1. Netflix

Who can forget Netflix when it comes to watching movies? Netflix is the leading provider of movies and other videos across the world. It has no competitors in terms of quality and reliability. So where does the problem lie? Yeah, the problem lies on the fact that Netflix is not a free app. You got to pay Netflix for watching videos. But the pay is very less when compared to the benefits. If you are a true movie buff and cares about high quality videos, you sure got to have Netflix on your device.

2. MovieBox

Movie Box can be considered as the most popular movie app for Android. It lets you stream and download movies. You get to browse through the endless categories of movies and videos and watch them at your preferred time. You can create your own movie library and add movies manually as well. What more can a movie buff ask for? Well, you need to get your device rooted before you can use this application. It’s a bit difficult to download this application as well.

3. Crackle

Crackle is the app that you are looking for, if you are so much into movies and series. It lets you watch your favorite movies and series all for free! You can create your own favorites list of movies and series to watch later. You even have the provision to create a Crackle account such that you can log into Crackle from multiple devices and pick up exactly from where you left off. Yeah, sounds amazing, isn’t it? Crackle comes in the size of 11 MB and you can get Crackle from Google Play.

4. ShowBox

ShowBox is another popular movie streaming app for Android. Using ShowBox, you get to watch the latest Movies, Serials, and Series and so on. ShowBox is available both for Android and iOS platforms. There is a specially designed Windows application for ShowBox as well. ShowBox is totally free and totally cool. I would suggest ShowBox for every movie lover out there. Thousands of users have already downloaded this app and experienced its benefits. What are you waiting for? You can get ShowBox from Google Play.

5.Movie HD

Movie HD app is specifically designed for those who are in love with watching and streaming movies as well as TV shows. Movie HD app is available in a wide variety of Operating System platforms and is highly reliable. The app has a huge collection of movies from which you can choose and it extends its reach to 3D videos as well. The User Interface of Movie HD app is something’s to admire. Navigation is so easy with well-defined boundaries between different genres. There is the option of search which helps you find your movies of choice with such ease and pace. After you download the APK, you might need an additional application to stream videos.

6.PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD app can be considered as an alternative to apps like Movie HD app and Show Box app. PlayBox HD app also offers free streaming of movies and TV shows. PlayBox app lets you download videos and watch them when you are offline as well. An important feature of PlayBox HD app is that it has various subtitles sources available in different languages. It also supports the feature of Chrome cast. PlayBox HD app is available in both iOS and Android platforms. You can get the Android version of PlayBox HD app from this link.


ViewSter comes next in the list of top 10 movie apps for Android. Viewster also offers several of the features that other movie apps offer. It is cost free and it has high quality videos. It offers wide variety of videos including movies, anime, music etc. You can browse through the huge collection of videos in Viewster and the results can be sorted in any order that you like to see them in. Viewster has a great User Interface. The videos load with a bit of a delay, but since the video quality is good, this little delay is often ignored. You can get Viewster from here.


Using the Flipps app, you get to stream latest movies, music and TV shows as and when you need. You can connect your mobile device to your home TV and watch the movies without a set top box or a cable connection. Even YouTube videos can be watched on TV with high resolution. Tell me how cool that is! Flipps is definitely an inevitable app for all the movie lovers out there. You can get Flipps from Play Store.


Using Hubi app, you can download and stream your favorite videos from the most popular streaming services available. Hubi is totally free. Hubi has a lot of attractive features. Hubi allows you to keep a list of watched videos, it has a clean interface which is easy to use, it lets you download videos and watch them later, it lets you share video links with your friends and family and a lot more. Hubi definitely redefines one’s idea of a movie streaming app. You can download Hubi app from Google Play Store.

10. Movies by Flixster

When it comes to movies, Movies by Flixster app has a lot to offer than you can think of. It is the app for movies, I should say. It lets you create movie lists and lets you have a look at the movie lists of your friends. It has latest movie trailers included and definitely you can have a look at those cool trailers. Flixster even lets you book tickets online to watch your favorite movies. You can see the Rotten Tomatoes critic reviews from this app. The interface of the Flixster app is simple and you can access almost anything and everything instantly with this interface. You can get Movies by Flixster App from Play Store.

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