5 Best Wireless Keyboards for Apple Mac/iOS Devices of 2016

When it is about working for long hours, there is a need for sophisticated equipment for high productivity. One cannot work on the laptop keyboard all the hours. The sitting posture might also not be good when working on the laptop.

Apple MacBook devices are known for their excellent computing experience. They are wonderful machines to work on. But, when you are working on any multimedia project or editing a video, trackpad and laptop built-in keyboard will add stress to complete the job. So, it is always better to have an external mouse and keyboard when working in office.

Any mouse will work the same with Mac or Windows, but the keyboards should be specific. Apple’s official keyboard is costly and is not quite affordable for everyone. There are many other alternatives for it online. Let me pick some good looking and best performing wireless keyboards for your Apple MacBook that are under your budget and requirement.

1. GMYLE Universal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

GYMLE Universal Bluetooth Wireless is a 3 system keyboard compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. It works on AAA batteries and can last up to 3 months (depends on usage though).

2. Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keyboard


Satechi Wireless keyboard is compatible with Mac OSX, iOS, PC, Android and Windows operating systems. You can easily switch between 5 connected devices and can be used as both wired and wireless based on the purpose and need.

3. Anker Ultra Compact Slim Profile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


Anker Ultra Compact wireless keyboard is shorter than the traditional keyboard and fits in 2 thirds of the space that it would take. This keyboard is compatible for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems. It comes with 800mAh internal rechargeable battery that lasts long for 6 moths on single charge.

4. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750


Logitech Wireless Solar keyboard charges itself in any natural light and can work for 3 months in total darkness. It is built ultra slim and comes with a Logitech unifying receiver that connects to additional compatible devices.

5. HDE Mini Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Keyboard


As the name sounds, HDE Mini Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Keyboard is a mini keyboard easy to carry and is compatible with the iOS devices like iPad and iPad pro. This keyboard can also be connected to Windows PCs.

Hope you liked them all. Choose one among those 5 and get computing on Apple Mac/iOS devices on your fingertips.

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