YouTube Gaming: New YouTube Built Just for Gamers

If you are a gamer, you would have watched gaming screencasts to cross the stage or to cross the level at one time or other. YouTube is that fun to watch gaming walkthroughs and people love it. Keeping that in mind, YouTube has introduced a new website dedicated for gamers in the world. You can access the YouTube Gaming at

youtube-gaming-website   youtube-gaming-menu is sub version of the main YouTube website that we are seeing now. But this gaming sub version is a dedicated website for gamers and game lovers. Here you can watch the live walkthroughs that are uploaded live by the gamers while playing, browse the compilations, explore the channels by game.

This gaming YouTube looks totally different from the regular website. The whole website is seen with a dark background with the top and latest videos featured on the homepage. You can browse the live videos by game and the number of live videos count will be displayed under each game in the carousel. You can find the same when switched over to the channels option. You will be shown the number of live visitors count under each channel name. Even the menu is redesigned with the only gaming options in this site.

The subscribers for your gaming channel will be a different clan and it won’t reflect on the main YouTube account. So, if someone subscribes to your gaming channel, they will only get the updates from the YouTube Gaming website itself.

The gaming videos can be found on main YouTube website but YouTube Gaming will filter the videos and only shows gaming videos for better gaming video experience.

Watch the walkthrough of YouTube Gaming website:

How to upload videos to YouTube Gaming?

You can just upload the videos on main website and if they are related to video games, they will be shown in the YouTube Gaming website automatically. Also make sure that you choose the ‘games’ category while uploading your videos.

How to stream live gaming on YouTube Gaming?

You can stream gaming live from main YouTube website, it will also reflect on YouTube Gaming website automatically. Follow this official YouTube guide to live stream your videos if it is your first time.

YouTube Gaming Website is currently accessible in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan and Thailand. The YouTube team will reportedly be bringing this gaming version globally shortly.

Game on players!

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