GetResponse Review 2016: Best Email Marketing Tool Yet Again

Email Marketing is still a strategic way to earn followers, subscribers, leads and customers for any influencer, blog, portal or a business. There should be a dedicated email marketing tool that looks after the email creation, sending, responding and tracking of the inflows like a charm. Such tool would be the best email marketing tool of anytime.

* In this article, I will be covering the full walkthrough of GetResponse, the popular email marketing tool and will be explaining you the importance of the email marketing with the help of its features. I will also be covering the features that GetResponse lacks for some class of marketers.

What an Average Email Marketer Need?

The average email marketer would need to reach more audience about his product or service. Audience means ‘the interested’ here. You cannot sell bananas to a wolf.

People visit your website because they are interested in what you have displayed on it. That means they are ‘the interested’ people. You should not let them go with out leaving their email IDs in your lead/subscription forms. This should not be forced but should be convincing.

Don’t over think. You just need an email marketing tool to handle such tasks. Remember that most of your leads open emails on their smartphones. You even need a tool that can create responsive emails.


Do not overload your site with a lot unnecessary scripts to run on just a few specific pages. Don’t force the visitors drain their bandwidth and distract them blocking the content with lead generation/subscription forms. You need a strategy to display the lead/subscription form in the right time.

An average marketer like you will not have knowledge over the web technologies to create the sizzling landing pages. Just like the saying these days that the marketers would necessarily need to learn new technologies. Because the use of technology in marketing has not yet been made simpler.

Wait! Did I say ‘Not Yet’? I may be wrong, because we have email marketing tools like GetResponse to create wonderful landing pages.

As an average digital marketer, you would need to quick reply to all of your emails that you get. You would need an auto-responder program that handles the ‘thank you for contacting us. One of us will get back to you soon’ like replies instantly. In fact, the customer will feel more comfortable to see an email like that.

Any marketer would need the stats to calculate the success or failure rate of the campaign. This helps to build more creative and new strategies for better output. This applies the same to the email marketing as well. An ideal email marketing tool should show the stats and visualize them in multiple dimensions for better analysis and understanding.

There is a reason why I choose GetResponse over other email marketing tools. That is why it earned a place in my top 8 email marketing tools of 2016.

What Does GetResponse Offer?

We’ve seen what an average email marketer would need in executing his job. Let’s also see what GetResponse is offering us.


Features of GetResponse 2016:

Responsive Email DesignOver 65-70% of the emails are opened on the mobile phones and tablets. Creating an email that only reaches the desktop/laptop openers in good shape would result in loosing the mobile market. GetResponse takes care of it while creating the email responsively with drag and drop tools.

The Forms – You cannot let go of ‘the interested’ people like that. GetResponse offers the forms that can be configured at exit, end-of-scrolling and after sometime. Offering a form to stay connected with the businesses as per the needs of the entrepreneurs and business owners is a most-wanted feature.

Landing Pages –  You can create landing pages with the GetResponse’s landing page creator. The drag and drop user interface lets you create responsive sales, video and squeezing pages with no need of programming skills.

Webinars Webinars are the trending part of growing customer relationships. The days with FAQs that most of the people don’t understand are fading out. GetResponse is offering a fine webinar lead management service that let’s you send invites, reminders and capture new leads during the event.

A/B Testing – Test your email strategies with the GetResponse's A/B testing tool. It allows you set the goals, test, analyze and optimize the elements of the message from campaign to campaign.

Auto-Responders 2.0 – As we’ve discussed earlier, auto-responders are necessary to give the email senders some acknowledgement that the mail is received and they will be answered. Directly or indirectly, this will hold the hope for a customer on the company.

Email IntelligenceThere is a need to analyze, track, make correct decisions and increase the effectiveness of the campaigns. A campaign run should not end up with non-improvising scope. GetResponse’s email intelligence offers reports in multiple dimensions for a digital marketer to extract the facts.

List BoosterHaving an individual email list is little difficult to maintain. You may have to send the same email to different lists again and again which consumes more time and gives no stats over those sent from other email service. GetResponse has a solution for this problem too. The ‘List Booster’ can import contacts from computer, email services and even from Magneto, Salesforce and Highrise in just few moments.

Inbox Preview – This is one such feature needed to optimize the email for different devices and web browsers. Inbox Preview shows a preview of the message (like as in receiver’s inbox) on different devices, email service providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and so on. It will help you make sure that your email looks and renders well on your subscriber’s side.

Why GetResponse is Best Email Marketing Tool Yet?

Do you know why I think GetResponse is the best email marketing tool yet? It’s not just the features it offers that are similar to the other email marketing tools, but the pricing.

The following are the pricing details for the GetResponse packages:


Email – This is the basic email marketing package for beginners. Only user can access the to send emails to 1,000 subscribers at the cost of $15/month.

The pricing increases along with the size of the email list.
Pro – This is best suited for small business owners. You can email to 5,000 members at a time at the cost of $49/month. Two users can manage the account here.

Tip: It is better to signup for Pro plan at $49 if you wanted 3 users control the account for the same 5,000 target instead of 1 user targeting the same subscribers for $45 with ‘Email’ plan.

Max – This is recommended for marketing professionals with advanced needs. The minimum send list would be 10,000 at $165/month for 5 users.

This plan comes with added features like extended webinar attendees, salesforce integration, custom domain and account manager.

Enterprise – This is recommended plan for large scale businesses for high performance. This plan includes all ‘Max’ features added with dedicated account manager, dedicated infrastructure, 2+ dedicated IP addresses and more with up to 10 users.

The pricing is satisfactory and is less compared to the rest of the email marketing tools.

Neil Patel, the inspiration for bloggers and internet marketers uses this tool as a secret weapon

Features + Pricing + Support, what else do you need to judge a service? GetResponse is the best email marketing tools yet again in my choice.

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