Get Nexus 5X for $199 with Project Fi Activation (Full Details)

Google’s Project Fi is catching more eye balls and ears from hour to hour since it was announced, not because of the latest technology that it adapts but for the discount it gives on the best of Google smartphones, Nexus 5X.

Project Fi is an wonderful carrier network coverage technology that comes with a simple hardware, a SIM card and an Android application for intelligent network switching. These two hardware-software combo only work when both are installed on the device. For now, the only devices that are compatible with project Fi technology are the Nexus beasts, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.

To encourage the use of Fi network, Google is offering amazing discount of $150 on Nexus 5X, summing the final price to $199 for 16GB and $249 for 32GB if only bought through their Project Fi website with activation. If you are looking forward to buy a Nexus device, it is recommended to go with Project Fi network activated device with such a huge discount.


Before you add it to your cart, you might want to read these following facts about Nexus 5X with Project Fi activation:
  1. The offer will be active for limited time only, i.e., from March 7th 2016 to April 7th 2016.
  2. Discount price will be automatically be applied during the checkout process if Nexus 5X is bought from
  3. Payment should be made through Google Payments.
  4. You must activate the Fi network on the same account within the 30-days of the device shipment.
  5. If Fi network is not activated within 30-days of receiving, the extra $150 will be charged from Google Payments to match the full price of the device.
  6. You can also buy Nexus 5X with the same $150 discount from the Google Store also.
  7. If you buy Nexus 5X from Google Store, then signup to the Project Fi from the same account to get discount price refunded within two weeks of Fi network activation.
  8. This offer is only available for residents of U.S. of age 18 and older with Google Payments account until the supplies last.
  9. Only 1 discounted Nexus 5X can be brought from one Google Payments account. Any violations of this limitation found voids the offer.
  10. Nexus devices brought with Project Fi comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. If any manufacturer defects are detected, Project Fi replaces the device with a new one without any cost.
Read Nexus 5X full technical review to know about the device specifications, pros and cons.

All the facts are derived from the FAQ section of the website. I recommend you to go though it for more detailed information about the Project Fi and supported devices.

The good thing is that you can activate Project Fi on your already-brought Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P devices but with no discount offer applicable.

The reason why Google limited the Fi network’s compatibility with these Nexus devices is that these devices support (receiving and responding) all type of radio frequencies of carrier networks all around the world which other devices lack.

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