GWAT Session 1: LeTV Le1S Expectations, Opinions & Discussion

Welcome to the tech blogger combo session series. In this session, I would be bringing up the opinions and knowledge of fellow techies and bloggers about the latest gadgets and trends in the market. You will get your unasked questions answered, doubts cleared and informed about the expert forecasts and expectations about the gadgets by the end of every session. Hope you would enjoy the as you enjoyed the rest of the content on the site.

I would like to start this session with the tech girl, the gadget freak, Debshikha Banerjee, who took mask of Gadget Woman recently. As we will be working in this collaboration in the long run, I would like to name it GWAT (Gadget Woman at Amfas Tech) Sessions.

Hi Deb! Welcome to our first tech collaborative initiative, GWAT. Our readers would be happy to see a welcome note from you before we start.

Thanks for the warm welcome Sasi. I have been a writer earlier and now I’m guest, I’m having mixed emotions! BTW, I’m suing you for unmasking me! *ROFL*

That’s one heck of freaky welcome note for me. Hopefully not for you. *grinning*
Take a look at the preview of LeEco Le1S on Amfas Tech and Deb’s Le1S review on Gadget Woman, if you are expecting more details about the gadget we are going to discuss in this session.
Let’s get started :)

Me: LeEco? I haven’t heard that name before. Hope you did!

Deb: I have been constantly keeping my eye on the company ever since they changed their name from LeTV to LeEco. On a very genuine note, I thought it was a TV company. Then I googled up and was baffled by what the company actually does. But we must say they did a smart job by doing the logo change. I’m sure it was a part of their marketing strategy. What say bud?

P.S. Their phone has ‘LeTV’ on the rear panel. They forgot to change the logo there. *ignorable lame joke*

Me: However, Le1S has crossed 3, 00,000 registrations on Flipkart for Feb 2nd sale so fast. What could have interested the people? The features, price or the design?

Deb: I guess Indians are okay with experimenting. Moreover, I read in a report which said India is a market for a phone around 10k. So they decided to give this new brand a shot. Also, we can see that the phone has all the essential features that any average Indian I needs. So the features iced the cake :)

Me: I think people are getting not so definitive about brands. The number of registrations says so. What do you say? Will LeEco survive the smartphone market, at least for this year?

Deb: Customers want service, brand or no brand. We can’t deny the specs of the device are pretty handsome! I’m very eager to see the number of sales actually. If the phone can survive the usual problems like unusual hanging, no heating, etc. the brand might pull off the first year very easily.

Me: Let’s talk about the design! Aren’t you finding any similarity of Le1S’s design with any of the phones we have seen so far? I think it looks like Huawei Honor 7. What do you think?

Deb: Yes. It does not come with a unique design. I feel the rear panel looks somewhat like Nexus 6P. But a unibody with no-screw and the super thin device is also good. But it’s slightly bulky with 169 grams.

Me: The camera specifications are interesting. I hope it would undoubtedly stand as one of the best features of Le1S. If it cannot satisfy the expectations, it’s got to face the down in the sales thereby, out of the competition. Am I over thinking about the camera specification? Because I have the budget range also in mind.

Deb: Oh yes! The camera looks good enough with the 13MP-5MP duo. Selfie is the need of every 6 hours: P. and 5 MP will provide you with pretty good selfies and required video standard for video calls. A big shoot-out to the manufacturers to give its customers such a wonderful camera at such amazing pricing.

Me: I have no doubt about the processor and RAM specification. Do you have anything say about it?

Deb: Ditto! 2.2 GHz speed and 3 GB RAM!! What more can a mobile user possibly ask for?

Me: I think the type-c port and fingerprint sensor under the budget is what drove people register for the first sale that crazily. Do we have any other smartphones with fingerprint sensor and type-c? I barely remember.

Deb: Yah! It’s called OnePlus Two *kidding*
Type C might now be a big reason because it’s something new and rare. You can charge your Asus with any Samsung charger, but to get a Type C can be a nuisance at first. Whereas, the fingerprint scanner has already hit the market as Coolpad Note 3 (previously) and Coolpad Note 3 Lite (recently). But it’s nice to stay updated with technology.

Me: I worry about the availability of the service centers across the country. It is what spoiled the sales-line of Xiaomi smartphones. In this case, would you suggest people buy Le1S?

Deb: That will definitely be an issue. In the beginning, there will be a service center in a handful of the main cities throughout the country. I just hope that the phone does not face all the usual smartphone issues because the manufacturers have given many wonderful specs at just Rs. 10,999.

Concluding, I have really like the phone and the specs. I am sure the phone will get thumbs up from many users like Coolpad Note 3 and steal the light from some of the other companies. Let’s see what happens when the phone is launched.

Me: I would like to conclude this session with a simple note. Debuts are not ignorable. I wonder if you remember OnePlus One, Coolpad, Xiaomi Mi3 and many more to talk about. So, Le1S might have a chance to sit beside these successful debuts and the range of specifications prove the same.

That’s all for this session. I didn’t wear my smart wig for Deb’s punch-lines in this very first session as I haven’t expected it. Will get one in the next session hopefully. See you again in another GWAT session with another gadget.

If you want to take part in GWAT sessions, suggest any gadget that you want to know about in comments below. You may also add your own notes and points in there.

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