Creating Best Converting Landing Pages; Unbounce vs GetResponse

A landing page is the end of the road for any target visitor. It is where people find the summarized information of the product along with the call-to-action buttons and other controls that converts. A landing page must be designed keeping the conversion in mind. After all, the marketing strategies to bring the visitors to the specific landing page are to turn them into active customers.

In this article, we’ll be discussing about the creation of best converting landing pages and how they can be created using two of the best landing page creating tools, Unbounce and GetResponse. By the end of this article, you will get a conclusion for your confusion to choose between these two programs.


Creating the best converting landing pages

A landing page should have the following elements on the page. These elements may vary from page to page depending on the requirement or marketing strategy
  1. Features of the product and catching headline – A landing page would be a zombie without a catchy headline and bullet pointed features.
  2. Appealing images (including the screenshots sometimes) – The name of the product (as headline) and little description are not everything. They can just speak about the product and its features but it cannot show how the product looks hands on. Only the screenshots of the product can help him understand (do not add more/unnecessary screenshots).
  3. Converting form with the necessary fields (make sure to limit the fields as far as possible because, the more number of fields in the landing page form might annoy the visitors).
  4. Appealing buttons with proper button text – Buttons with improper texts cannot pull the clicks from the visitors. That doesn’t mean to mislead them to make a click. I hope you understand what I mean.
  5. Eye-friendly background (white background is recommended most of the times unless there is any specific requirement).
  6. Bold or highlight the text in the summary to allow quick catch the features of the product or service.
  7. Necessary resourceful links.

Creating landing pages with Unbounce

Launched back in 2009, Unbounce has focused on the landing pages based on the growing marketing trends. Unbounce empowers marketers to create and publish landing pages quickly and easily. It also allows the A/B testing without the involvement of IT. With more than 400,000 landing published so far, generating more than 31,000,000 leads, Unbounce has earned 99% user satisfaction.

Features of Unbounce:

Faster Page Design – With drag and drop controls, you can create a landing page from the scratch by re-arranging the elements on the page as the way you wanted.

Mobile Responsive – Unbounce can help you create mobile responsive landing pages that bring conversions even from the mobile phone visitors. It provides full flexibility in designing the layout and control how it is displayed on the small screens.

Advanced Design Features – You can create parallax scrolling pages with flowing information on scrolling down and set full page background images to your highly converting landing pages in no time without any technical assistance.

Lead Generation Tools – Unbounce allows you to create forms without any HTML knowledge. It provides controls to forward the generated leads to the corresponding teams or email programs.

WordPress Integration – You can use the created landing pages with your WordPress website with an easy 1-click integration tool. You do need to worry about any hosting, DNS and CNAME issues once the pages are imported to the WordPress. It also allows you to change the URL of the landing page according to the website URL structure.

Dynamic Text Replacement – Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) is one of the best features of Unbounce. It helps the marketers create the dynamic landing pages with the ever changing keywords that are searched for. It sense the keyword searches from the search engines and displays the relevant landing page in the advertisements accordingly.
Script Manager – This feature is helpful in creating scripts that are needed to be added sometimes. For example, you may want to add Google Analytics script to track down the visitors footprints for your future marketing forecasts. For such purposes, the Script Manager comes handy.

Automatic SSL Encryption
– Unbounce creates automatic SSL certificate for its landing pages to ensure the visitors as well as authorities the security in gaining the leads and conversions and seamless navigation among the pages.

Unbounce provides 200+ readily designed landing page templates which you can customize in seconds and take them live. All these templates are well organized by category where you can choose one for your requirement so easily.

You may try the trail version of Unbounce for 30 days before you sign up for a commercial plan.

Creating landing pages with GetResponse

GetResponse has been delivering excellent quality marketing solutions with more than 350,000 happy customers from 182 countries all over the world for 15 years. This is the world’s easiest email marketing platform available in different worldly languages. GetResponse is specialized in offering 24/7 spam-free solutions with 99% delivery and conversion rates which is most important in digital marketing business.

With more than 100+ outstanding landing page templates, GetResponse helps the digital marketers create eye catching, lead pulling landing pages with high conversion rates. All the templates can easily be customized in WYSISYG interface which does the job done in seconds.

Features of GetResponse:

WYSISYG Design – Who don’t love to design pages on the go? It would be easy and interesting to create landing pages on such an interface. After all, the tools to edit and customize the landing page templates along with the drag and drop tools are provided to make it much handy to pick the tools.

Responsive Design – You can create mobile-friendly landing pages with no technical skills or IT support required. You can do it yourself with no worries of technical issues. The landing page builder allows you adjust the display options for mobile, tablet and desktop accordingly.

Built-in Web Forms – GetResponse provides the readymade web forms which can be customized as per the requirement for capturing the leads. Better to limit the input fields as far as possible as we discussed before.

Image Editor – A landing with text alone cannot impress the visitors and help you increase conversions. GetResponse provides access to 1000+ free photos to features your landing page with applied filters, stickers, brushes and other most needed image editing tools in one place. This eliminates the migration of window to window or program to program for image editing separately.

No HTML Coding – You no need to be a techie or have learned the HTML coding skills to create beautiful landing pages and web forms. Organize and design the landing page as you wanted with all the readymade tools served on the side panes.

A/B Testing – You can track and monitor the landing page designs for best conversions. It also helps you decide the right places on the design to put your investment of efforts.

Google Analytics Integration – Google analytics is the best way to track and improve the performance of the web pages. GetResponse allows you integrate the Google Analytics for better marketing reports and further suggestions.

YouTube Integration – You can also embed your videos from YouTube seamlessly which not only attracts but also stands the visitors and know more about the product.

Facebook Integration – You can add your landing page as a tab on your Facebook fan page or add sharing controls to allow the visitors share and recommend the product to their friends also.

PayPal Integration – You can also add PayPal quick ‘Buy Now’ buttons on the landing to increase immediate sales and orders.

Along with these, GetResponse delivers the following features for their customers to get full control of the landing page and conversions. 


You can try out GetResponse for 30 days with full features before you get a premium version. I bet you won’t pull back once you try this easiest landing page creator tool.

Which one I prefer?

Every tool have the similar features but, only GetResponse talks about the spam-free 99% delivery and conversion rates. It’s not the number of readymade templates that will help a marketer but the ease of use, control over the prospects, future marketing forecasting tools and high spam-free conversion rates that builds the right customers network and brand. So, I’d prefer GetResponse over Unbounce regarding the same.

What would you choose? Do share it in comments below!

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