Organize & Save Your Thoughts with Google Keep

“Save your thoughts, wherever you are” – is what Google says about the new notes taking the app, Google Keep.

Google Keep is an online note taking an app that will never skip your thoughts whenever you are whatever you are doing. It syncs the app data on to different devices and let you keep on track.

Unlike the physical paper notes, you can tag pictures and audio notes and set reminders to notify. Also, you can share the notes with your friends and teammates and finish off your daily tasks in the delegation.

Features of Google Keep

Add quick notes – Add quick notes of your thoughts by typing text, voice or by adding an image.

Set time and location-based reminders – Set reminders to your thoughts based on the date, time and location precisely or just add a quick reminder that is available as later today, tomorrow and next week.

Divide and do more – Divide the tasks among the team by adding a checklist and see them getting checked off in real time.

(New) Try the new Google Keep iOS app on iPhone – This useful application from Google is recently made available for iOS users too. It is worth a try.

Search the notes easily – It is easy to search and find the notes by label, color, picture, sound, keyword, checklist and shared status. It makes easy to organize the to-do’s so.

See the specific notes – You can only see specific notes based on the label name, by reminders and by archived from the menu.

Add once and sync on all devices – Once you add the Google Keep notes, they will be synched onto all the devices the app is installed on, logged in with the same email ID.

How to download and use Google Keep?

You can download Google Keep on your Android and iOS from their respective stores for free. You can even try out a Google Keep web or install Google Keep extension for Chrome browser to add or check the notes on your computer.

It is always better to maintain a mobile app for smartphone and Google Chrome app for desktop accessing. Because you can refer your notes even when offline with these apps.

  1. Open Google Keep app after installing it from the legitimate source (check above links for legitimate downloads).
  2. Click on Add Note and it expands to take details. Give the title and short description of your reminder.
  3. When you are done, click on DONE to save it.
  4. Add the reminder – Add a quick or precise reminder on a date, time and location to get notified.
  5. Share with friends – Share your notes with friends or colleagues and delegate your to-do list to get the tasks done in a short time.
  6. Add a color – Discriminate your tasks by color so that, they can be easily identified.
  7. Add an image or voice/audio – You can add an image or audio to the note for taking quick notes.
  8. Note options – You can add/delete the note whenever you want, organize them with labels, make a checklist note, copy to Google Docs and duplicate the note to make another one of a similar kind.

Hope that helps. All the best!

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