Dot Net Project: Web Based Claims Processing System (WCPS) | Abstract, Project Report, Installation Guide and Source Code available

1. Problem Definition and scope of project

1.1 Purpose

ABC is a company which is having employee strength of at least 1000. All the employees are provided medical reimbursement facility which means that the expenditure incurred by the employee for treatment is reimbursed by the company. For reimbursement, the employee needs to fill in a form detailing the treatment undertaken which includes the name & cost of medicines, laboratory tests, surgery. The form is duly signed by the employee and it will be sent to the concerned Claims Processing Department (CPD) by messenger for processing. CPD will process it and the order regarding the reimbursement is sent to the Cash counter (CC) where in the employee can come and receive the reimbursement amount.


Some of the problems associated with the above mentioned process are listed below:

  • The form may miss during transit
  • The form is prone to weariness due to which the company may not be able to read data in it after some years.
  • The employees who claimed for medical reimbursement need to visit the CC from time to time enquiring about the status of their application. This results in enormous wastage of time of the employee.

To overcome these problems, it is proposed to develop a software titled Web Based Claims Processing System (WCPS) which is web based so that the employee can fill the form online and submit it so that the form is sent to CPD through Internet. At CPD, the form needs to be checked automatically by a program which will compute the amount that needs to be reimbursed to the employee for the treatment undertaken. Any excess amount claimed by the employee is ignored by the software. The amount computed will be routed to the e-mail account of the employee as well as to the Bank which holds the accounts of all the employees of the company. The bank will credit the amount to the account of the employee based on the mail.


This project report describes the software functional and nonfunctional requirements for release 1.0 of the Web Based Claim Processing System. This document is intended to be used by the members of the project team that will implement and verify the correct functioning of the system. Unless otherwise noted, all requirements specified here is high priority and committed for release 1.0.


1.2 Objective

Web Based Claims Processing System (WCPS) is complete end to end solution to cover all aspects of online claim and reimbursement system.




Fig: WCPS Architecture


The basic objective of developing this project is:

  • Provides complete web site solution, including employee registration, enter new claim, approve/ reject claim. Complete web based administration.
  • The Web Based Claims Processing System can automatically display pending claim count in the main page of employee of Claims Processing Department (CPD).
  • Employee can view their claim status online and all claims can be treated as Pending, Approved and Rejected.
  • Employee of CPD can add, edit employee details, all employees are identified by the employee no. Employee no will be unique throughout the system.
  • System must store audit trail of all DML transaction, like it stores employee no, time stamp in the database for add, edit, delete operation.
  • System should capture lat login time for all the employees.
  • Complete web based system no installation required to run the application in client system.
  • Employee must able to view his/her previous claim details.

1.3 Project Scope

The Web Based Claims Processing System (WCPS) will permit to enter new claim, track the claim status and maintaining master information. The main users of the project are Employee of all departments and Employee of CPD – Claim Processing Department.


From an end-user perspective, the Web Based Claims Processing System Project consists of two functional elements: enhanced Employee modules for Login, Apply for new claim, view status of already applied claim. And CPD module for approve/reject claim, view pending status, Add/Edit employee details.


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