What’s New in MIUI 7: Exploring the Features

I started using Xiaomi since this March. Then it had MIUI 5. Within a couple of days it got updated to MIUI 6. And then I started exploring the never ending awesome features of MIUI 6. The more I explore, the more I fall in love with it. And now that MIUI 7 has had a global release, I excited to get my phone system updated and see what new is in for the Xiaomi users.

1. New System Designs

Xiaomi has introduced 4 new system designs, which can be further tweaked with additional colors. Another wonderful thing ( for those who love personalization ), is the new MUSE engine which lets you design new MIUI themes without hassle.

Another wonderful things about Indian users is the 10 pre-set available wallpapers that could be used on a daily rotation.

2. Better Battery and Response Time

I love my Note 4G's battery life. It lasts a day. And this news has pushed my urge to lay hand on the MIUI 7 even faster. It's said that the company has made an extra effort on the customized Android OS. Due to this, the apps load faster and the battery life is improved. I have never had any problem with the response time of my Xiaomi, but MIUI 7 promises a much better response time. This is definitely icing the cake.

3. Data Saver Service

Xiaomi has partnered with Opera Max (the app that helps track data) to use a data compression for the entire system and also optimize audio and video streaming. Almost 40% of the data can be saved in apps like YouTube, Instagram, Line, Lazada, etc.

Data saver has been available in China for over a year now. But now they will be made available in other parts of the world - India, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines from September this year.

3. Features Exclusively for India

Now that Xiaomi has set up factories in India for assembling mobiles and have already started producing Xiaomi has rolled some features exclusively for Indian customers. The MIUI 7 comes with a support of 10 local languages. There will be special features called the Visual IVR which will allow users to use voice prompt to rush through the automated calls of the call centers, There are more than 50 Indian companies whose call centers have been listed. To name a few worlds to be Citibank, ICICI Bank, Spicejet, Indigo, Tata Sky, HeroMotoCorp, etc.

4. XXL Text Feature

We know that smartphones are not limited to youngsters. Elderly people like our grandparent have also developed a thing for these. Often they have poor eyesight and it's really a tough job for them to get any job done. For them, Xiaomi is here with the XXL feature which improves readability not just in the phone in general, but also a huge range of apps.

5. Child Mode

The Child Mode is the way of introducing Parental Control over apps, emails, messages and other necessary things via a setting menu.

6. Grouping Baby Pictures

In this feature, all the baby pictures get piled up in one separate folder. You can link the folder to your lock screen and have cuteness overloaded at your lock screen.

7. DND Mode

You can enjoy this feature only when you own a Mi Band. When the Mi Band detects that you are sleeping, it sets the phone into DND / Sleep Mode automatically.

MIUI 7's developer version will be available to Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Mi3, Mi 4, Mi4i, Note 3G, Note 4G from 24th August. The other devices will also get the upgrade, but later this year.

In a nutshell, MIUI 7 is like an improved version of the MIUI 6. The previous features have been polished to give us a better experience altogether. What are your views on the update? Let us know down below.

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