Hide My IP Software Review: The importance and need for IP hiding

An IP address is your unique identity on the online planet. Anyone can easily identify your location based on the IP address of your connected device. Showing up your IP address publicly will have its adverse effects on both sides of the situation.

Some websites on the internet cannot be accessed in some countries. Because of the restrictions posed by their governing laws, you would not be able to access those websites freely or completely. As the internet connects people with the rest of the world, irrespective of the countries, there is a need for unrestricted access to websites.

All the banned websites are not actually bad websites. For example, Google was banned in China as the country thought that it violated their laws. That doesn’t make Google a bad website for the rest of the world too. Visitors from China would want to access Google’s website which they cannot and it would be hard for them to switch to any other search engine all of a sudden. This brings up the necessity of hiding of IP address.

Also, when you connect to the internet, some applications and software might track down your location and can manipulate the results that suit for you. This open-book online activity creates vulnerability on your side and a sweet spot to hackers. If you remember the flying ads on some websites saying that some [local name of a girl] are waiting for your in [location], you would understand what I mean clearly.

What is Hide My IP and how to download it?

Hide My IP helps us to hide/mask our IP address on the network with fake ones and enables anonymous web surfing by encrypting our internet connection thereby protecting our privacy.

Features of the software:
  • You can surf the web anonymously
  • Protects your identity online
  • Encrypt your internet connection
  • Prevent the government from spying on you
  • Send anonymous emails
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

Hands-on the application

Downloading and installing the application has no strings attached. I’ve not faced any hiccups in installing the application on my PC.

When run, Hide My IP shows up the real IP address on the network along with the safety masking/encryption options.

Choose your IP rotations, location and click Hide My IP button to start hiding your real IP address. It would then show up with you new and fake IP address like as shown in the following screenshot:

You can even configure the software for different browsers. Click on Advanced Settings and it allows you to choose the header privacy and SSL encrypted connections.

Hide My IP even allows you to control the IP hiding for web browsers and internet applications alone. It even allows you to run this software for specific applications.

With Hide My IP, you can,
  • Hide your real IP on computer startup itself
  • Rotate IPs for more security
  • Clear cookies on changing to new IP address
  • Control browser header privacy
  • Encrypt the connections with SSL
  • Choose a desired fake IP location
  • Control the program’s integrity with some applications specifically
You can buy and download Hide My IP from this link.

Download trial version

You can even download the trial version of this application that allows you to use the software for 7 days without any restrictions to the premium service.
Share your opinions on the software after using it. We’d be happy to hear your thoughts on this.

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