Scammers are targeting us, need your support

Dear Readers,

Recently, it has been brought to my notice that scammers started spoiling my online reputation by making some false complaints on Amfas Tech with totally invalid statements and untruthful information to damage mine and my blog’s image online.

You know who am I.. always provided the quality information and helped people with open hands since the beginning.

I tried my best time in guiding my visitors/readers regarding the issues related to technology and blogging since the startup. I have arranged a number of team viewer sessions with individual askers and solved their problems remotely, totally for FREE.

You know it well that I live by the word ‘Ask Me For A Solution(AMFAS)’ and proved the same through my actions in the form of help when you are in need.

I started out an online safety campaign to stop people get into scammers’ and hackers’ hands. Scammers who were affected with my logical questionnaire posts bounced back and started building fake reputation of my blog and in my name, on the internet.

I need your support now, to take the site up level by level and make it more accessible to everyone with quality information. Without your love and care, Amfas Tech could not be the same as you are seeing it today. Please support me in this crisis situation.

Thank you so much for your uncanny love and care. I always owe something else yet to you.

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