How Technology Changed Cricket World Cup 2015 Experience

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People are all senses, in terms of technology. This adaption of technical innovation by the human race is motivating the scientists to develop more sophisticated technologies in short time spans. Imagine the time, five years ago, where you loved watching the nerve cracking action of cricket on your LCD monitors. If you go back in time and watch the same match again, would it be any longer interesting?

Definitely, No! Because you have had better quality experience than that in these five years. Haven’t you? Yes, of course, you are. So, your expectations for tomorrow would be beyond what you have seen today. That’s what happened before those five years. You have seen better technology than CRT screens, called LCD screens and they are improvised to LEDs with the ability to render 4K HD resolution.

Having 4K HD screens in homes cannot bring the action to live into the room. The similar synching technology to capture the game with high power, technologically improvised cameras and equipment presents you the quality of the picture and the sound truly. Not just HD recording and HD televisions give you true experience, but don’t forget, the broadcasting technology also plays its role in bringing life to the sport’s action.

Technology not only changed the experience of watching the cricket on your home screens but also the real play on the ground. It has brought some changes in the gameplay setting new rules and relaxing some regulations giving more space to accurate decisions and players’ comfort.

Remember the moment when Steve Bucknor took a wrong decision when Sachin Tendulkar was in crease back in 2007-08? How much will such a decision to show its impact on the rest of the game is not expected one? After the adaption of highly powerful slow motion cameras on the field, both the teams on the ground had got a chance to challenge umpire’s decision.

An accurate decision would not only serve justice but also puts pressure on the umpires and makes them awake and keenly observe the play. Accurate decisions also reduced the controversies after the match, against the teams and umpires’ actions with pre-match fixture accusations.

The slow-motion camera has also brought the feasibility to the third umpires to make decisions with less brainstorming. The improved FPS(frames per second) capability of cameras made it possible to take decisions in the match simply.

Teaching teams to create winning strategies

Every match would be played like a battle and every battle needs strategies to win. In the past times, players just used to replay the match videos in their locker rooms and assess their and their opponent's performances. Catching the weak and strong spots of a field or a player was so difficult with technological limitations those times.

Today’s technology started showing the players’ performance graphs with clear facts and in understandable formats. This helps teams brush up their skills on the ground to hit opponents hard, thereby giving a spectacular battle to enjoy. Remember, teams, chasing out 300+ scores easily in ODIs these days? What do you think helped them hit hard the opponent? The technology of course!

Widening the market and improving the businesses

Cricket, when it was just limited to playgrounds decades ago, had the chances of capturing limited leads. Only some local brands and some renowned national brands could find the marketing opportunities expecting the business, that too, with in the country.

Cricket, in the early ages of television, had expanded the market scope worldwide. Business found venturing in series like world cup highly gaining than any other market venture in a year. Businesses grew bigger and reached more potential customers.

In this age of the internet, the business opportunities are innumerous where they started to born through creativity.

Forget that, If you are a blogger reading this article, have you ever not thought of writing an article on cricket matches in world cup season? Yeah! That’s my point.

Wrapping up

Technology, in all ways, has changed the gaming and game-watching experience of cricket and the series like the World Cup. We can talk more widely on this topic for limitless time and the discussion would never end if kept on continuing.

Thanks to all those researchers, inventors and innovators for what they gave us today for a sophisticated life to live.

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