How to Get Rid Of Malware from a Brand New PC

You just bought yourself a brand new computer. You are amused with the system’s fresh-out-of-the-box newness. That’s great news! Yet, you have to take care of a few boring-yet-important tasks to save heartbreak and lots of money later. Keep reading to know more!

You must take care of a few crucial things after buying a brand new PC. Your system might be pre-installed with bundled software. These programs can be classified into the following categories:
  1. Shovelware
  2. Bloatware
  3. Crapware
These programs could be anything from adware to malware and they just offset the price of super-cheap PC in retail stores. So, to keep your device or computer in a pristine out-of-the-box condition for a long time, keep a tab on the device’s serial number. Take a backup of all the data on a recovery drive or disc. Also, keep a reminder for your warranty expiration so that the right patches and updates are installed at all the right intervals.

You must save your serial number

Every computer comes with a serial number which is written at the bottom or behind. Note it down for future reference before it wears down with time in laptops and net books. In many systems these numbers are not easily accessible in PCs. While unpacking the new device, click a photograph of this serial number and save it in a cloud drive any other storage service like a hard disk drive. Windows computer users must grab a snapshot of the license key so that there is no reinstallation issue.

Keep a tab on the surge protector

Power surges are a constant headache. To avoid damages to your brand new computing device, keep a new surge protector handy. It might lose its effectiveness with. Sometimes, special effects are needed to avoid flashing and its dangerous harmful effects.

Insurance is always a must

You can make use of insurance for a brand new device as is much more valuable than an average PC. An insurance company would let you schedule additional protection that is independent of the main policy. Sometimes, scheduling an entire item often covers the mishaps in the main policy and it is also independent &cheap.

Set a reminder for the expiration of your warranty

Computer problems can be extremely irritating when the device or software crosses the warranty time limit. In order to avoid confusions, you can put down a reminder in the calendar beforehand. In such a case, you will not get hassled anymore. Ensure that this reminder can be quickly accessed for reference.

Download a PC cleaner utility

Sometimes, a tune-up utility works wonders for it is a basic application with a user-friendly interface. Such utilities are designed by experts to carry out defragmentation of data upon the system's hard drive. These tools fix the all-important, notorious and incredibly problematic Windows registry. Reliable registry software tools from certified manufacturers basically delete all the useless and duplicate files. Some tools go a level ahead actually improve your PC’s complete performance in interesting ways. They render a boost to the PC by unlocking unreachable CPU cores and boosting overall CPU clock speed as needed. Intelligent PC tune up utilities utilize the aggregated data collected from user bases for optimizing all recommend settings is a PC.

Use a recovery disc or drive

In order to reinstall apps that get accidentally deleted while you run an effective computer cleaning software, make use of a recovery/backup drive. Store all the data in this device so that it can be restored in adverse situations. For the records, certain PCs come with reliable recovery CDs/drives, but others don’t. So you would have to order for a recovery media from the PC manufacturer. You can also create a USB stick of the OS (operating system).

Some pc tuneup utilities mostly create a save/rollback point. This point comprises of several positions of many desktop icons that can be restored at a later time so you’re your PC does not flake out.
Besides the above steps, you must carry out numerous hardware-oriented tasks. Ensure that the passwords used in all licenses and keys have been audited. Moreover, you must set up a strong antivirus so that you can prep-up your computer for heavyweight usage in the future. This step is crucial if you are an entrepreneur.

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