Why People Are After Grammarly? Should You Opt It?

When it comes to writing, grammar also matters. Writing a blog or an email in a gibberish language is never valued. In fact, it can degrade the value of your expression and value.

Informal chatting gets an exception to this as it doesn’t even need the words to be in full form and sentences correctly framed. What is the case if you are conversing over a business deal with your language? Are you even sure if it is good enough to throw on others?

As you cannot always write in your super word processor, who’s going to check the grammar? Yes! you need supportive software that takes care of grammar while you are writing. To serve that purpose, we have ‘Grammarly’.

The #1 Writing ToolGrammarly can find and correct grammar mistakes in your writings more accurately than an average word processor.

It can improve the contextual spelling errors, poor vocabulary and keeps you stay on the right line with 250 grammar checking rules.

It works even on the web and helps you create error-free tweets, status messages on Facebook and perfect email conversations.

The reason why people go after it is that it is flexible to use and is used by students, professional writers, business executives and even by bloggers.

Also, Grammarly pays off for affiliates on bringing leads. Would bloggers stay calm even now? Yeah! they have promoted it virally and so it reached into the people so good.

I would love to take you on a hands-on tour of Grammarly that will help you decide to opt it or not.

Let’s get started!

Hands-On ‘Grammarly’

Sign-up for Grammarly and install the free chrome extension. You will get a chance to lay your hands on the tool while writing on the internet. When I tried this what I have experienced.

A welcome screen will help you get an idea of how it actually works. pushing ‘Let’s go!’ will take to you on a tour of overall features of Grammarly.

You may not need to write something to test. There is a demo article available to see how it works. Once the document is loaded, the Grammarly processor checks for errors and displays them on the side-by pane along with the right forms of it. Here is how it looks,

I tried to test my own document and this is what it showed.

Grammarly also helps you keep a check on duplicate content. For that, you will have to upgrade to premium.

Should you opt for it?

If you are a student and wanted a helping hand in completing your assignments error-free, there is a need to use a tool that actually helps.

If you are a business professional and don’t want to lose major deals just because of your low professional error-prone conversations, it is good to go with a tool which offers great helpful services for just affordable bucks.

If you are a professional writer and wanted to secure your value for your scripts, you need a companion that will help you keep a check.

If you are a blogger, there is a need to provide error-free information to your reader. Not only at the reader but also at the search engines, the error-free material will get ranked as the high-quality content thereby increasing the value of the blogger and the blog as well.

Over to you

Hope I covered all the points that would answer your questions soundly. Now it’s your turn to opt a choice whether to proceed with Grammarly or not. Don’t forget to share your experience with Grammarly with me in the comments below.

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