Who is a Professional Blogger? Money Talker or a Reader?

Blogging, the new age career option which needs an act of real courage to take up for life. It might take another decade of two to accept blogging also as a profession and that day, I am sure all those professional bloggers who are now the role models of budding ones might be called as ‘the fathers’ of blogging in future.

I know it is hard to tell your parents and those aspirant neighbors that you took up blogging as your career without you earning as much as ‘they’ do. I mean as those daily job doers.

Do you know the same thing happened with the movie actors during the birth of cinema all over the world? Who are they now? Aren’t they your fashion role model? Aren’t they your life’s role model? Would you miss a chance to act in movies if given a chance?

You would never say ‘NO’ as it could make your career rich for life.

Let’s consider that you took up acting and you became one of those top-grossing actors in the industry in 10 years. Would you then be called a professional actor?


Let’s consider you truly had that passion for acting and you barely got a chance to act in movies, yet you had those skills and can easily make yourself into the character that is given to you. Would you now be called a professional actor?

Yeah! I remember it is not a movie blog to discuss acting. Let me come to the point now!

In my journey with blogging, I’ve met many bloggers of which some always talked about making money and some others who never.

The only difference I saw among them is that,

The money talkers seemed like have been earning something from their ‘doing’ and gave me a thought as if they are desperately looking for some fanatic attention towards them. Because fans become readers. Don’t you think?

The non-money talkers seemed like non-earners, yet they are earning handsome figures in real. Though they don’t talk about the money they earn, they had always been in news with ‘being-thanked’ kind of notes over the social media.

In fact, these bloggers show a lot of references in their articles whereas the money talkers don’t give much. Isn’t it showing that the non-money talkers read much?

Who do you think are professional bloggers? The money earners or the readers?

Whoa! Wait there! This article is not against money talkers. I know that they are proud of themselves and their achievement with their blogs. I am just trying to put up the metrics that can measure the professionality of a blogger here with your help.

Please share your thoughts and opinions about it in the comments section and I will add them to this article by giving credibility to your enlightening thoughts.

The presence of your knowledge will help many fellow bloggers and can make this blogosphere shine. Thank you so much!

Update from commenters' opinions

1. Nisha, from lemonicks.com is the first one to share her opinion. Here is what she says, “Does professionalism means only money? What about ethics and morals and such? I am just asking. :-)”

2. Rahul Krishnan, from spellboundwords.com says “Really there is another type of bloggers who act like pros and generate fake income and traffic proofs. They want to show off and don't like to do hard work.”

3. Ankit Pundir, from technogeeks15.blogspot.in says “I think being passionate is the only thing which can make a person successful in Blogging.”

4. Rohan Chaubey, from rohanchaubey.blogspot.in says “For me, professional bloggers are those who are passionate about writing that earning. We have people using inspect the element and manipulating screenshots anyhow and then posting it publicly. A professional blogger must not do it that way. To summarize, the one who is passionate about writing and connecting is a professional blogger for me. No matter how much they earn. The money will come naturally sooner or later maybe.”

5. Umapathy Sekar, from onlinedecoded.com speaks some core points about the topic. He says “Just because you earn money through blogging, it does not make you a professional blogger. Pro is one who is an expert and willing to learn new things every day. Pro should help others. They should provide value.”

6. Ahmed Imran, from reasontouse.com believes in adding values to be a professional. Here is what he says “If you go the extra mile to help others and add value, you don't need to work hard for money. It will come itself. It is then up to you whether you keep it quiet or let everyone know about it.”

7. Rahul Kumar from myandroidphone.in says “My friends often mocks me cause I earn a little. But this blogging, this becomes heroin for me. I am addicted to it, whether I am not earning a lot like others, but it's for enjoyment. 7 out of 10 bloggers join this venture to earn money instead of inspiring and helping others, they just CTRL + C and CTRL + V. Even one of my friends converts most of the English "windows" tricks to Hindi and post it in his blog full of no-conformation ads, and when earning nothing, he forgets his own blog address.

8. Erik Emanuelli from nopassiveincome.com says “As you mentioned, I think you can spot right away a blogger who claims to earn big money online (and he lies), and another who does not share any details (but still, he's earning quite big potential income).

Waiting for your opinion too :) Share it in comments below. I’ll add it up here!

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