How to Build Autopilot Internet Marketing Blogs?

Blogging is no more just a hobby. People have already started taking it as a career. Internet marketing has its role in blogging success which we will be discussing it further in this blog post.


As you know, creating a blog and leaving it to the world won’t help you make money. You must work on it as if you are doing a 9-5 job.


Is that what you have been told so far by most of the fellow bloggers around you? Yeah! you are not the only one. I’ve been told so.


They aren’t wrong. In fact, working on a blog with that dedication will definitely workout for anyone. But it depends on the strategies followed.


In this guide of building autopilot internet marketing blogs, I would like to present to you some of the successful strategies followed by probloggers that will help you understand the creative tactics of money blogging.


Most successful bloggers build their subscriber list. They try to build a strong relationship with them and promote their offers. Yes, it works! If you reply to your subscribers and help them solve their problem, they will surely respect your suggestions(promotions) and don’t hesitate to buy them.


This is the best strategy that works in all internet ages. Most of the probloggers and internet marketers make huge money by following this strategy only.


Ok then, how far you can follow it? Would you be collecting email ID’s of your subscribers manually even after getting 100k subscribers?


You would be getting a lot of traffic by then. Why should waste the flow? Let’s automate it.




Automating the flow

Step 1: Show an opt-in page to your visitors – Show your massive traffic a page to stay tuned to your blog. Be careful with your content in this context as it must be appealing enough to your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.


Step 2: Email frequency – Do not hurry up with your promotional emails as soon as one subscribes to your list. Send them the useful updates for which they have subscribed at most. Send special emails once or twice in a week along with the links hyperlinked to texts to your affiliate products and some of your own products like eBooks and useful material.


Step 3: Links back to your blog posts – Selling or giving away free eBooks will impress your subscribers. Don’t just leave them free by just offering free/paid downloads. Put links back to your blog posts(internal linking) in your eBook. This will help them visit back your site for references.


Step 4: Write about your subscribers problems – The heart of this process flow is the content that you create for your subscribers. Try to give problem solving tutorials and articles for your subscribers. This will bring you more visitor-to-subscriber conversions and the whole process runs again from the beginning.


Step 5: Balance your content with selling products – Do not over do promotion in your blog posts or eBooks. You may loose your subscribers. Balance your content with your promotional links. Make sure you place 60% content and 40% promotional stuff even on a landing page.


Benefits of this model

The benefits of this model can be easily listed out. Here they are,


1. It is fast and trustworthy

2. It works for sure as it is not any over-night miracle technique

3. You may not have to go brainstorm to apply these strategies


Getting started

To get started with this process, you must ask yourself these two questions,


1. Are my visitors willing to pay money on this product? – Before you think of shooting an promotional arrow, think for a while in your visitors shoes if the product/service is worth buying?


2. How many will-buy audience do you have in your list?Promoting bananas to tigers won’t help you at all. It wastes your time. Think once before you get started if your visitors would buy the products or not. If not, you may loose him/her by sending a couple of unwanted promotionals.


3. How tight is the competition? – Research about the market trend of your promotional products and the competition. This helps you cuddle up your strategies to reach your audience creatively.


Working on the process

It is easy to work on the process after the ‘getting started’ research a it will help you bake it easily. Create landing pages for your promotional products with the same 60% content and 40% promotional stuff formula applied.


Automate the process by linking the ‘thank you’ pages to opt-in page where you will get the subscriptions. When you need to update, update the landing pages and create new ones. The rest of the process will be driven with this autopilot process.


Over to you

I hope this research helps you autopilot your internet marketing blog. Take short breaks in between as you are meant to be living not blog-breathing. Don’t hesitate to make suggestions in the process and share your success story. Over to you!

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