Bug Found on WhatsApp Web Photo Sync

WhatsApp after being taken over by Facebook have undergone some dramatic changes within sort time. Recently, we have also seen WhatsApp introducing the WhatsApp web that facilitates to chat with the WhatsApp contacts right from your desktop.

This features could not attract the customers as it needs to have WhatsApp running on the phone already. But it was expected to have the feature that can help to use it as Facebook without the intervention of the smartphone again. Apart from the expectation, using WhatsApp on desktop without lifting off your hands on your keyboard is somewhat useful.

Meanwhile in India, a 17-year-old boy named Indrajeet Bhuyan found a bug on WhatsApp web photo syncing feature. He demonstrates that WhatsApp on web refreshes for every message sent and received making it synched between the two devices. This works fine in case of text messages, but with the photographs that are sent is not working.

The photographs sync finely with web but then deleted from phone, they will still be available on web.

Check out the video demonstration by Indrajeet about this bug:

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