Blogger vs. WordPress: The Debate Ends Here

This is not going to be another discussion or conclusion saying that there are pros and cons with both the major blogging platforms. I would like to take you through can-dos and can’t-dos of both the platforms and at the end you will find solid reasons to stop comparing apples with oranges.

One of my blogging friends, +Rohan have gathered opinions about this from expert bloggers and revealed some facts in his myth bursting blog post. Though, the conclusion ends up in ‘have-their-own-benefits’ tone.

Before we really compare these two blogging platforms, let’s talk about what is concerned to bloggers at most.

Bloggers generally worry about,
  • Design of the blog
  • Its SEO capability
  • Its technical feasibility
  • Control

Talking about design

When it comes to design, there are some myths in the blogosphere about these two blogging platforms. Let’s burst them.

#1 Blogger has no good themes available compared to WordPress
Yes! WordPress has beautiful themes available on the web but, it is not really true that Blogger doesn’t have any such. Every template/theme that is available in WordPress is copy-designed to Blogger and vice versa.

Even blogger have beautiful templates available these days since responsiveness is taken as an SEO signal.

#2 WordPress themes can be customized, but not Blogger templates
This is totally a myth. Any template or theme can be customized unless it is a limited version. Designing has nothing to do with the comparing as it depends on the skill of the designer. The template of Amfas Tech is an example of how better we can design a blogger template than we could imagine.

The worst consequence of believing this myth is, people not even try to change the design or test how better they can customize a template before they take a decision to switch to WordPress.

#3 WordPress themes are expensive but Blogger templates are available free
This is also totally a myth. The reason why WordPress themes are expensive and very few of them are available for free is that the lack of people who have knowledge in PHP where as there is no need to have the knowledge of any other technology other than HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript for designing a Blogger template.

So, there available more free beautiful templates for Blogger compared to that of WordPress.


So, it is clear that there are no differences between these two blogging platforms regarding the design and it is dependent on the creativity and skills of a designer.

Talking about SEO capability

If there is something a blogger would care equal to content, it is nothing but search engine optimization(SEO). If there is a fight between two different blogging platforms, there would surely be the ‘SEO’ as a metric.

To the question, which is the most search engine friendly platform? I’d say ‘human(blogger)’ as an answer. Both the platforms have their slots and knobs to handle SEO in a better way. We cannot compare any two slots or knobs of two different platforms at once. Because they work the same way.

In fact, there are some myths regarding this point. Let’s burst them first.

#1 WordPress can provide better SEO than that of Blogger
The reason behind people saying this has a strong involvement of one of the best features of WordPress, the ability to install plugins.

A plugin is nothing but a packed snippet of code that automatically installs into the code and also updates periodically. Blogger lacks this feature and no Blogger widget automatically updates unless intervened manually.
An SEO plugin can do the cooking for you with WordPress and in which it needs a manual involvement in Blogger. This doesn’t mean that WordPress can do better but can do it in an easy way.

If you know about optimizing the blog in the right way, it doesn’t matter what platform you choose. Blogger is no less powered than WordPress. All it matters is the SEO knowledge of the person using it.

As there available different plugins for WordPress, there are chances to optimize a WordPress blog using different strategies. Because every plugin differs from one another.

Talking about technical feasibility

Talking about the technical possibilities, both the platforms are good enough to allow third party code into their templates. They both allow CSS, JQuery and JavaScript which are the basic technologies needed for coding any interactiveness on a webpage.

In WordPress, there is an advantage on the other side of technicality, that is the PHP an MySql. You can build your own applications using a front-end technology like PHP and a back-end technology like MySql on a WordPress site which is not possible in Blogger.

Though you have this wide possibility technically, not all WordPress users use it to its best. Many of the WordPress migrators don’t even know this fact yet.

In Blogger, there is a possibility to embed your own scripts and applications built using JavaScript and JQuery technologies. But it is not possible to connect your blogger blog to any of the database servers.

If you wanted to use any dynamical storage management with Blogger, you can achieve it by using Google docs and sheets. You can build apps that save the data into Google sheets which is also we have discussed in the past.

Technically, we can also use Google docs and sheets in WordPress applications but we cannot use database association with blogger. This is where Blogger stays behind.


As the WordPress sites are self-hosted by the user itself, he has the flexibility of increasing more space on the server. Also, he can host as many sites as he can in his own server space.

Where as in Blogger, it is not possible to host any other site or application as it is owned by Google.

Talking about the control

As it is being said, users can have full control of their own WordPress site. That means you can keep it or remove from your server space and there would be no intervention of anybody in this regard unless some factors.

However, there is a shortcoming of this flexibility of control. WordPress blogs are more vulnerable than those of Blogger blogs. Where as it is as hard as hacking a Google account with Blogger. You won’t get your blog in someone’s hands unless your co-admin removes you or Google removes your blog in case of the blogger.

Will Google remove Blogger blogs without notice?

This is one of the most famous myths believing in which why ‘Bloggers’ are migrating to WordPress. The problem arises with the lack of knowledge about the terms and conditions of that concerned platform and web.

When creating a Blogger or WordPress blog, we would go through ‘I accept’ thing at first which is just ticked ‘Ok’ without reading a word from it. Isn’t it? Generally, it may not appear while using platforms but will appear while creating ‘Google’ and ‘WordPress’ accounts.

It would be mentioned in there that if the sites entertaining any of the explicit, porn or hatred speech and etc.. content is found then it would be removed from the web without any prior notice. So, if you are not thinking about creating content that violates the policies of that respective platform, you may not have to worry about this.

Even WordPress is not safe in this regard. Not only Google, but other major search engines may also remove any blog from their databases that violates their policies.

It is better to take regular backups of your blog/website to avoid major damage when it is hacked or removed.

Is ‘Blogger’ for me? Or should I choose WordPress?

Is ‘Blogger’ for me? Or should I choose WordPress? This is a million dollar question that is worth more than ‘Blogger vs. WordPress’ discussion. The following answers might not impress you but will help you decide if it is Blogger or WordPress that is best for you.

If you are new to blogging, it is better to start up with Blogger and flourish your passion for it. Later, after learning so much from it, if you wanted to have more features on your blog like you own applications and third-party help in organizing your content, you can then think of migrating to WordPress.

If you are just a blogger, where you just write blog posts on your blog, get handsome traffic for them and wanted nothing else from it but design, stick with Blogger as there is a feasibility of customizing the design of your blog to the extent you wanted it.

If you are an event blogger, there is no need to buy hosting and struggle setting up WordPress. Blogger can do the work better for you. Didn’t you read my last blog post about an event blogger making $6000 in just 5 days?

If you are not a techie, it is better to get along with Blogger where as you may not able to utilize the full-use of WordPress without any knowledge of coding and SEO.

If you don’t find any need for extended functionality, you can happily stick with Blogger and enjoy the possibilities of it.

If you are not earning enough, keep the migrating-to-WordPress thoughts aside. Because you might have to spend 4 times more money on hosting your WordPress blogs. And the migrating-to-WordPress will help you earn more are all fairy tales unless you know the real strategies.

So, which is the best platform?

You cannot compare apples with oranges or dogs with cats. ‘The best’ is awarded based on the purpose you are starting up your blog. I cannot conclude as I might do it by keeping something on mind towards the platform I personally liked so far. For example, I could say WordPress because I liked its technical feasibility to showcase apps that I develop. Or I could say Blogger as I expertise more in it than in WordPress. The best comes with the purpose you use it for.

You can use a knife to cut vegetables but cannot consider it ‘the best’ without knowing its possibilities drawbacks.

The same way,

You cannot use a sword in war and consider it ‘the best’ without knowing its possibilities and drawbacks.

The fact is knife cannot do what a sword can and the sword cannot do what a knife can.

Hope it tells it all!

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