Beginner’s Guide to Promote Affiliate Links | Affiliate Promoting Templates for Beginners

Among all the online earning methods, affiliate marketing has its own place in the top list of scopeful ways. It is also one of the two major sources of income for bloggers and publishers all over the blogosphere. The earning scope depends on the individual strategies practiced by individual affiliate marketers.

This tutorial is especially for newbies who want to get themselves into affiliate marketing and earn some handsome figures online.

Affiliate marketing is not all about promoting your affiliate links, it is also about researching trends and following them. For e.g., you cannot make any money promoting cool drinks in winter whereas you could make more than expected profit from it if sold in summer. The same way, the promotion also needs some own strategies and ideas rather than just promoting like a zombie.

Promoting affiliate links is not just copy-pasting links

Most newbies think that promotion means copy-pasting their affiliate links on their social media profiles, which is not exactly true.

Imagine – What if a door-to-door selling salesman comes with his arsenal and just displays all his products in front of your door without speaking a word? Would you even think of buying them?

Just think Would you even look at the hoarding with only the shop name displayed on it? Thought it is planted in the right place with the right size of text? Or how useful you think it is?

This is what happens when you just post links on your social media profiles. Just posting links on your social media links will not work out.

The saddest thing is that most newbies create blogs to promote, I mean just to promote their single line of the hyperlink as the title and body of the article. If you are the one of those new to blogging and blogger interface lambs, I recommend you to go through these Blogger basics tutorials first.

Learning how to use blogger effectively won’t tighten the lid. You should know how to write and what to write in a blog. Follow the links specified below to learn,

Promoting affiliate links on your blog?

Most of the affiliate programs ask site name and its URL while registering. It is also good to have a blog of your own before you start thinking of making money from affiliate marketing.

If you had a blog all ready, these are the following ways to promote your products in it.

Promoting through reviewing – Review the products on your blog and blend your affiliate links into it. For e.g., if you would like to promote Redmi 1S, write a genuine review of the product and put your buy now affiliate links in it.

Promoting by specifying related products – Put your related products promoting links under the review of the product. For e.g., After promoting the Redmi 1S links through your review, at the end of the article, place the buy now links of related products like Redmi Note 4G, Mi3, Xiaomi power bank and so on.

Place banners – Placing banners on your blog’s heat map can help you promote your affiliate products. Do not decorate your blog with hell lot of banners as it frightens off your visitors to never come back again.

Find the right places to place banners where your visitor engage mostly.

Places like under the title and under the body will grab the attention of your visitors and can bring you high CTR(Click Through Rate).

Also placing the banners inside the content just like the one you are seeing on the left will help you make most of any earning program other than affiliate marketing.

Place affiliate search engines – Some of the affiliate programs provide search engines for publishers. Think a second before you place it on your blog. Make sure you make it look natural on your blog. Because a search engine that only searches products from a particular shop might not impress your visitors. You must use your creative strategy to install one on your site.

Promoting affiliate links on your blog has no limitations. Choose and create your own strategies and test them with results. Practice, innovate and invent new tricks to promote. Always remember to make them look as natural as possible.

Promoting affiliate links on social media

Social media, unlike the blog, need special and creative strategies to promote affiliate links. Any unnatural promoting strategies will be stomped to ground by the spam filtering algorithms of those respective social media networks.

As we discussed earlier, leaving links alone cannot help you with the promotion. You have to write something about it. For e.g., check out the following templates for social media promotion of your affiliate links,

Template 1: [Name of the product] is available just for [price], grab it now before the offer expires: [affiliate link]

Template 2: Finally! I got [name of the product] in my hands for [the price of the product] on [ecommerce store] [affiliate link]

Template 3: I never thought I’d like this [product] [name of the product]. Got this from [name of the site/eCommerce store] for [the price of the product] [affiliate link]

Template 4: It’s time for [competing product/company], [competing product/company], [competing product/company], … to pack up their stuff. [product name] from [company name] enters market yesterday. Check out now: [affiliate link]

Template 5: [name of the store] gives [percentage] discount on [type of product(s)]. Grab the deal before the stock goes unavailable: [affiliate link]

Template 6: [name of the product] is awarded as the best selling [type of the product] of the year. I got it yesterday, when are you getting one? [affiliate link]

and so on like this, you can create your own promoting message along with your affiliate link on social media.

Name of the product/product name – For e.g., iPhone
Affiliate link – Link to the product including your affiliate ID
Price/Price of the product – For e.g., Rs.4,300
Ecommerce store/store/name of the store/name of the site – For e.g., Flipkart, Amazon
Competing product/company/company name – For e.g., Samsung Alpha(product), Micromax(company)
Type of the product – For e.g., smartphones, shoes, apparel, books, etc..
Percentage – For e.g., 10%, 20%

Tip on the edge

Shorten the affiliate link before you promote it with the templates. A compact link would be visual friendly to your friends and fans.

Hope that helps. Till next time!

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