Online Recharge Prepaid Mobile Account[Dummies Guide]

We are starting a new section ‘Dummies Guide’ for novice computer users up on the request of some of the Amfas Tech readers where we’ll be focusing on the educating tutorials on those things that are necessary in the basic tech routine of anyone's life.

We would like to start this section with the first requested guide i.e., ‘how to recharge prepaid mobile online’. If you wanted a guiding tutorial, you may request us through email or through messaging on our Facebook page.

Recharge procedure

Note: Recharging your prepaid mobile account is easy but needs your full attention while doing it. As we will be doing the transaction online through credit/debit cards or online banking, we should take care of the security concerns that involve in them.

Follow are the steps involved the recharging process,
  1. Identify your network provider(for e.g., Idea, Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, etc..).
  2. Go to and search for the network provider’s recharge portal(for e.g., is the recharge portal for Idea users).
  3. Enter your prepaid mobile number in the mobile number field. It may ask you to enter it twice as for confirmation(to reduce recharging of mis-typed number). Then click on Ok or Submit or Recharge or any relevant button(the name of the button may change according the website).
  4. Once clicked Submit, it will take you to the recharge plans page where you have to choose a plan or top-up of your choice. Choose one and click Recharge Now or relevant link beside the recharge plan.
  5. Confirm your recharge and proceed.
  6. Choose the type of payment and card from the form of payment options. It will redirect you to bank gateway where you have to enter the further details like card number, name on card and CVV number.
  7. Enter your card number, name on the card, CVV number and valid through date in the form and click Submit.
  8. You will get an One Time Password(OTP) to your mobile number(which was registered with your bank account) if you are doing this transaction for the first time.
  9. It will ask you to create a transaction password with along with your email ID after entering the OTP. Enter your email ID and new transaction password(which can be used for your future transactions).
  10. Once you are done with the process, you will be redirected to the ‘Successfully recharged’ page of your network provider.

Things to remember

Though the procedure look so simple, it involves the risky side of transacting money online. So you should be aware of the online frauds and scams along with the security procedures that help prevent being scammed or hacked.
  1. Always remember that your transactions should be done over HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP(for e.g., https://care.ideacellular…..)
  2. Every online transaction that goes through bank gateway would be encrypted and will show you the same in the form a message in the time gap of redirecting(for e.g., ‘this connection is encrypted with 3D secure 128 bit encryption algorithm’).
  3. No transaction will last more than 10 minutes. If you delay the process while in bank gateway, it will cancel the transaction.
  4. Bank payment gateways will not place any pop-up or slide over advertisements and ask you to respond in order to proceed with the transaction. If you found any such in between the process it means that you computer or web browser is infected with adware/malware. It is better to quit the transaction when you find any such.
  5. Never reveal your credit/debit card/online banking details to anyone online or offline. Also never reveal your transaction password to anyone(especially to your kids).
  6. Amfas Tech will take no liability if you loss any money from this transaction procedure. We have nothing to do with your responsibility of keeping your computer and web browser safe.

Identifying card details

If you have any problem in identifying your credit/debit card, see the example screenshot below of the same,

Not all cards are same! The above card is shown to make you understand the details on your card only.

Be smart online!

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