nRelate is retiring by the end of this year, sends farewell message to all its users

Bloggers favorite content recommendations plugin, nRelate is not going to exist anymore for next year and later. IAC, the parent company of nRelate has decided not to continue this engaging content recommendation plugin anymore.

nRelate was introduced back in 2009 to help webmasters and marketers get their customers and readers engaged on the content more time than usual with this plugin. Over 500 million users used it every month since then and hence it became successful.

“We have built a valuable service, but the time has come to shift how we use what we have built. With our support, nRelate’s parent company, IAC, has decided the best way forward for us is not to continue to compete in the marketplace, but instead focus our efforts within IAC’s reference-style content properties.” says Oliver in nRelate blog in their farewell message post.

nRelate reportedly known to be active till 5PM EST on December 31st, 2014. All the publishers are here by asked to remove the code snippets from their websites. All the historical data will be available till January 9th of 2015 on the website and it is recommended to download the data as soon as possible.

Here by, all the nRelate users have already been sent emails about the shutting down of their service and here is what it says,

“Dear nRelate Users (Past and Present),

Happy Holidays. Apologies to those of you who have already found another solution, but we wanted to send out a reminder that we are retiring the nRelate platform at the end of this year.

For those who are presently using our service, we will stop serving recommendations on December 31, 2014. For all users past and present, reports will be available for download in the Partners dashboard until January 9, 2015. For those who are using our ad service, payments will be sent out on schedule in the new year. All nRelate services including our customer facing dashboards will be terminated, and you should sign up for an alternative discovery platform by the end of December.

For more details, please visit our blog, refer to our Farewell FAQs, or feel free to contact anytime.

Thanks for the memories, the great content, and coming along for the ride.

The nRelate Team”

Its time to change, it time to migrate. All we need to do is just move on to another plugin.

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