Amfas Tech turns 2 today: An open letter to all our readers

Dear readers,

It's been 2 years since we started our tech journey with Amfas Tech. Right on this day, before 2 years i.e., on 21st December 2012, Amfas Tech was officially launched with a theme of helping computer illiterates understand the beauty of technology. The theme went on innovating and here we are today evolved in these 2 wonderful years.

We have introduced and added new thematic missions through our evolution like as ‘computer and online security’ which focuses to bring light on the dark and brighter side of security concerns of computer and internet technologies, ‘Troubleshooting guide’ that focuses to bring awareness on repairing the computing devices, ‘Gadget Reviews’ that reveals the true pros and cons of a gadget and so like alike.

We have extended our mission to blogging and SEO to share knowledge of about blogging and search engine optimization for newbie and semi-pro bloggers. Later we have included ‘Internet Marketing’ in it and started sharing the marketing and money making tips. We have been evolving all these 2 years through innovating and we will be.

We have worked out hard to help our returning as well as first-time visitors with a dedication that is totally free of charge. We have recently started ‘Dummies Guide’ for absolute beginners of computers & internet upon the request of one of our loyal readers. And are looking forward to starting more ‘core side of technology through practical learning’.

All of this is not possible if there is no encouragement of yours. Your love and support for us all these 2 years motivated, encouraged and inspired us to move forward with a hope of future scope and success. Every success milestone we have reached because of you drugged us to pave way for another.

Your support for us on social media profiles always reminds us of our goals to bring wonderful content for you every day.

Joining the other communities is only once side of the coin I have seen so far. Joining ‘Aha-Now Blogging Community’ is the whole flipside of it that I have been seeing since October. How could I miss to thank this wonderful community of novice, beginner, semi-pro and pro bloggers for giving such care and love towards Amfas Tech? This community truly shed the light upon us and put us in the visual range of many worldly pro-bloggers Thank you so much Harleena Singh madam for accepting the invite.

Happy Christmas!

With love,
Sasidhar Kareti,
CEO & Founder,

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