10 Mostly Searched Gadgets of 2014

The new year is a couple of weeks ahead and Google have already summarized the trends for the year of 2014. Under the technology category, Google has also summarized the most searched gadgets throughout the year. Let’s take a look at the most searched tech gadgets of 2014 in India.

1. Moto G

Moto G, which came as a powerful affordable middle-range Android handset grabbed the top place in India’s search terms. With the double release, in the name of generation 1 and generation 2 in two halves of the year grabbed the attention of the gadget lovers on the internet.

2. iPhone 6

iPhone 6 was the most awaited gadget of the year 2014. people were so desperate to see it in the market since day 1. Finally, Apple pulled the curtains down on September 10th with a great launch event at Flint Center in Cupertino. Though they got some negative publicity because of its bending possibility, iPhone 6 and 6 plus have managed to secure the second place in Google search engine.

3. Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 is one of the successful gadgets of Samsung among the 80 other products that the company had released in the year of 2014. It was a tough year for Samsung as the budget devices ruled the market irrespective of the brand. After this impact, prices on Galaxy S5 were dropped drastically on e-commerce sites. Though, it could grab the 3rd top position in the searches for the year 2014.

4. Moto E

It is anyone's dream to have a powerful Android phone in their hands but in low budget. Introduction of Moto E has made the dream come true for the common man in India. With the amazing specs and features, Moto stole the show with the price of Rs.6,999 and was the first e-commerce success in the smartphone market of 2014.

5. Nokia X

From the day Nokia announced the Android versions of their products, the anxiety to have one was increased in fans. Who won’t like the standards like Nokia and features like Android in one single gadget?

6. Nokia XL

This was introduced as big brother in the XL family. Nokia XL comes with little enhanced features compared to Nokia X like secondary camera, bigger screen, GSM+WCDMA standby, better RAM and battery. This device stands out with a little extra price than Nokia X.

7. Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi is the first Chinese smartphone company that moved muscles in the spines of leaders of the big mobile companies. The Mi3 handsets were experimentally introduced into the Indian market through e-commerce giant Flipkart. The beast specifications and the price range it comes for shook the Flipkart’s website go down because of the huge flow of orders and traffic.

The popularity of Xiaomi took a toll on its existence. The warnings of IAF, the hack news confirmation by Symantec and the recent Delhi High Court stay on imports and sales have shown a significant impact on Xiaomi sales. [Follow the controversial stories of Xiaomi]

8. Samsung Galaxy Grand

Samsung has got another successful gadget, Samsung Galaxy Grand for the year 2014. Among the 80+ products that the company has released in this year, only a few succeeded and happy to see the Galaxy Grand in that list.

With the innovated features like multi-window and multi-tasking, Galaxy Grand stands out in position 8 in the most searched gadgets of 2014.

9. Moto X

Moto X is the big brother of Moto smartphone family. With the processing speed of 2.5GHz, Quadcore Snapdragon 801 processor gives the best of multi-tasking on the phone. The 2GB RAM, 5.2 inch HD screen, Android 4.4 Kitkat, and Dual LED ring flash makes Moto X stand out as the 9th most searched smartphone under not-so-expensive budget. Just like Moto G, Moto X is also re-released as 2nd generation version.

10. iPhone 5S

From the date of release i.e., on September 20th in the year 2013 till now, iPhone 5S has been the most wanted gadget for anyone in the world. With the charm of Apple and magic of iOS 8 and iconic designs of gold and silver versions stole the show till the middle of the year but later people were turned on to iPhone 6. If there would have been no iPhone 6, this adorable version of the iPhone would have been on top in searches.

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