Internship Program 2014 Course Details

Dear interns,

I have tried to my best in designing this internship course compatible for every beginner and novice. I believe this course index will help you keep track of what is being trained in live sessions. Every course topic given below takes you to the neatly explained session when clicked on it.

Feel free to contact me through any medium of communication and I’ll be available at the best of my time to attend your queries.

Happy blogging!

Course Topics:

  1. Blogging with SEO
    1. Creating and editing blog posts
      1. Working with blogger editor effectively
    2. How to blog being a writer?
    3. How to write a glitch free blog post?
    4. How to select, optimize and add an image to a blog post?
    5. How to choose a perfect title for a blog post?
      1. What are the things to consider
      2. Introduction to keyword
      3. Exploring best keywords
      4. Introduction to internet trends & keyword suggestion tools
      5. Keyword optimization
      6. How to insert keywords in title
      7. Importance of uniqueness
    6. Importance of internal linking
      1. Optimizing internal links
      2. Keyword insertion in the permalink
        1. Introduction to permalink
        2. Permalink optimization
        3. Inserting keywords in Permalink
    7. How to generate traffic
      1. Generating organic traffic
      2. Generating social media traffic
    8. How to get loyal readers to a blog?
    9. How to build your blog network?
  2. Internet Marketing
    1. Why you should not blog just for Google AdSense?
    2. How to blog in order to earn online?  
    3. What is internet marketing and how does it help you while blogging?
    4. How to promote your products on the internet?
      1. Promoting on social media
      2. Promoting on your blog
    5. How to build your personal brand online and how it helps you
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