How Can You Blog From Your Old Cell Phone?

It is hard to have a cell phone that belongs to the stone age if you are a techie kind of guy or a blogger. It would be hard to stop the flow of ideas sometimes. So, it is better to put the words on a text editor before they get wiped off by the rest of the ideas.

We actually blog with our smartphones(I think you do) when we don't have access to computers. It would be easy and comfortable(may not be as comfortable as while blogging on computers) to blog with smartphones. Isn't it?

Can you blog the same way with your old cell phone which had no sufficient configuration to support fluidity of running an application?

I hear from you! You might be thinking of putting the ideas on paper rather than typing on an old cell phone. Aren't you?

So where are you going to get the paper(s) from? Are you going carry a ream along with you everywhere? LOL, but no offense!

The best thing to do is to pick up your phone from your pocket as start typing your blog post in 'messages' or 'notes'

If you write it in 'messages', send it to your email ID so that you can proofread it once before you publish. If you don't have access to the internet, save it as 'draft' and send it later to yourself.

If you are writing your blog post in 'notes', save it and sync it later with your computer when you get back home. You can also directly connect your phone and copy the 'notes' file to your computer, proofread it and publish it on your blog.
To post in a Blogger blog
If you wanted to publish the blog post to your blogger blog, you can do it by setting up a secret email ID to your blog from its email settings and can directly send the blog post to that email ID to get it published.
To post in WordPress blog
You have to install a plugin called Jetpack in order to post your article through email onto your WordPress blog. Jetpack allows you to set your secret email ID just like in blogger.
To post in a Tumbler blog
Tumbler also allows you to blog through email by setting up a private email ID in ‘Post by email’ settings.
What’s better and easy
All of that, it is better to save the blog post in drafts, import it later, proof-read and publish it by optimizing the whole article.

You won't believe me if I say that I wrote this article from my old Nokia 5230.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

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