5 Things to Remember While Doing Online Marketing

This post is submitted by Evelyn Golston, a part-time online advertiser. She writes blogs and optimized articles for various products-mostly cosmetics and fitness related. Find out more about her at essayjedi.com
If you decide to print an ad for your business at a local newspaper or a magazine, chances are hundreds of people who grab these while having coffee or upon arriving at work, or get bored while waiting at airport terminals would be able to see your ads.
Now if you choose to advertise on the local TV channel or the local radio, thousands of those who have the pleasure of time watching TV programs before they fall asleep or those who listen to the radio while getting pissed off with the rush hour traffic would actually have the chance of knowing about your business-before they forget about it the next day or the next hour.
But if you choose to market your business online, you can actually flood the online world with your ads (figuratively and in actuality).
In today’s set up, online marketing is more advantageous as it reaches a wider range of audience compared to just advertising with the conventional advertising methods such as the television (which is more expensive by the way) or the local newspaper (with a limited amount of readers) for example.
Moreover, online marketing is more cost-effective to the point that you can actually advertise your products for free, given the freedom that we can actually have ourselves registered in these free online networks and promote our products there. Or better yet, we can actually create free blogs for our companies as an online marketing strategy.
Online marketing may be extremely advantageous, but we should be responsible advertisers as well. Otherwise, instead of reciprocating positive feedback from the potential market, we might find ourselves blocked by netizens or unfollowed.
Let me share with you some tips for responsible online marketing.

1. Respect the netizens

You may have the freedom to market your product online but it doesn’t mean that you are free from all the liabilities that come with this freedom. Say if you plan to advertise your product by creating an app which features it, be sure to program that app in such a way that it doesn’t involve too much invasion of the downloader’s privacy. Also, present your product in such a way that how you market your product do not ostracize a certain group of individuals.

2. Don’t invade personal space

We all crave for visibility but we shouldn’t overdo it. You can’t just go around the online world posting your info ad onto other people’s walls ten times a day or putting up lengthy advertisements in Facebook groups where you’re a member.

3. Easy on the keywords

If you are thinking of advertising using blogs or via Search Engine Optimization which makes use of keywords to be able to do traffic, make sure that you utilize these keywords in a smarter, more responsible manner. It would be irritating on the part of readers to see your product brand or the product keyword at every sentence that your company blog features. There are certain guidelines that govern the use of keywords in SEA, so be sensitive with these.

4. Minimize misleading pop-ups

Pop-ups are good ways to market your product but these really get on people’s nerves to the point that they might actually block your site. So be careful with utilizing these.

5. Be honest

Your potential market would greatly appreciate it if you are honest about what you advertise. Though they are a good strategy, including a lot of unreal claims regarding your product’s effectiveness might actually leave your market disappointed. And you’ll be doomed if they decide to put up a blog of how much they regret buying your product in the first place.
So be wise and responsible in online marketing. After all, it’s the best place to do your advertising.
The writer works as a part-time online advertiser. She writes blogs and optimized articles for various products-mostly cosmetics and fitness related. Find out more about her at essayjedi.com

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