Microsoft Skips a Generation, Releases Windows 10 Technical Preview: Let’s see what it has got

Finally, the gossiped new operating system of Microsoft, the latest version, Windows 10 was announced recently by the company’s vice presidents, Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson at an event space in San Francisco. Terry starts the event very cool and spells out the new name for the next version of the Windows operating system in 3 minutes.

As per Terry, the new Windows was thought to be named like as XBox One i.e., as ‘Windows 1’. As it was taken by the predecessor geniuses in the past, the new Windows is named the ‘Windows 10’ as the incremental product of Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 represents the first step of whole new generation of windows. It unlocks new experiences for our customers new ways to work, play and connect. Windows 10 embodies what a consumer and an enterprise customers are demanding and what we will deliver.”  says Terry in the event.

Windows 10 will work compatible with any device i.e., irrespective of the size of screen and the usage. It is made for those who use regular mouse and keyboard and also for those who use touch and gestures. This might sound like Windows 8 but got a lot of difference in the words of Terry Myerson.

Watch the video of Windows 10 launch below:

After talking to many Windows users and developers over the globe, Microsoft found the new requirements for their new operating system which helped in making Windows 10 a total comprehensive operating system, with all-in-one usage.
  • Features of Windows 10:
  • Enterprise value
  • Familiar, compatible and productive
  • Modern management
  • Customized store
  • Protects corporate data
Windows 10 seems concerned about the enterprises as many of them have not yet been upgraded with Windows 8 yet due to lack of adaptability in the technological changes.


What Windows 10 has got?

Just like the every new version of the Windows operating system, Windows 10 has also got a new look and feel in using it. Joe demonstrates the new features of Windows 10 in the event and here are they for your quick reference.

It has got new start menu
The rivalry started with Windows 8 where the start menu was made app tiles. Later, as we all know, Microsoft has came up with new version of windows 8, the Windows 8.1 with the traditional start menu restored to satisfy the common users too as the new technical advancements could only impressed geeks and developers so far.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has mixed up the start menu with tiles on one pane and traditional start menu on another.


The start menu is no new if you are much familiar with Windows 7 and 8 so far. You can drag and drop the applications from the traditional start menu to live tiles in Windows 10.

Windows 10 allows to have full control over the tiles. You can resize the tiles by simply right clicking on them.

It has got new search
The windows search feature was juggled between the versions of windows 7 and windows 8. You can search for the files and apps from the start menu in windows 7 where as you can search the same using windows charms bar in windows 8.

It has got new app development platform
Unlike other predecessor versions of windows operating system, Windows 10 has got new app development platform using which developers can develop apps that will work on any kind of Windows 10 device. This reduces the effort of making apps for different devices and also the cost of making.

It has got title bar for store apps
Closing apps on windows is an annoying task for new windows 8 users. One should had to drag it to bottom or press Alt+F4 to close an store application so far. Windows 10 comes with an added title bar for Windows store apps that can be minimized, maximized and closed just like any other windows application. The store apps can be resized like as we do for the regular windows applications as well.

It has got new task view button on taskbar
Windows 10 has been added with a new feature, the task view button to view all the running tasks in a light box themed view.

It has got powerful multi-tasking
Multi-tasking on Windows operating systems has been improving from version to version. Windows 10 allows users to have better multi-tasking feature by snapping more than two apps on the same screen(unlike windows 7). In windows 7, you can only snap two applications to right, left or top.

It has got better task switching
Most of the people while working with keyboards would like to switch among the apps using Alt+Tab key combination. It is improved and outsmarts the windows 8’s background color filled tasks list to aero and light box list in Windows 10.

It has got beautiful command prompt
Using command prompt has never been changed so far along with the versions of operating system until Windows 10. You can use general keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on command prompt that makes easy and handy to use it. You can select the text on the prompt window by pressing Ctrl+Shift along with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

What else it has got?

Windows 10 looks like it has got enough tweak jobs that are wanted by the majority of the Windows 7 and 8 users. It continues support for touch devices as told earlier before. It has also got charms bar and the all touch and swipe shortcuts to access the new features on touch based device.

Windows 8 and 8.1 also have got as much negative reputation as positive one. The difficulty in using on non-touch based devices made people downgrade to windows 7 in many cases I have seen personally and in news. Microsoft have made a quick step to recover the fallen crown by transforming windows 7 and 8 into one and named it Windows 10. The adaptability and flexibility to use it are likely to buzz the Microsoft’s name in the news again. Hoping for every thing good from Windows 10.

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