How to Create APK files from Already Installed Android Apps

We often bother about losing certain apps that don’t last long for download on the internet, even though they are already installed on our devices. Because you can’t keep your phone or tablet unclean forever, it is recommended to save a backup of .apk files of those apps you adore.

Moreover, you can’t download and install apps from an unknown source on the internet. Right?

So, what’s the best solution?

Probably, the best solution would be backing up your apps on to your SD card. Isn’t it? Hold on right there and answer my question!

Would you be able to restore the backup on to a device that is totally different from your present android device?

Still thinking?

You no need to. Because the answer is already a “No”.

The reason for ‘no’ is that the backed up apps may not be compatible with firmware of your new device.

The best solution what we thought it is not actually the best solution in this case.

So, the best solution is that creating .apk files from the already installed apps on our android devices and saving them for future purpose.

What? Creating APK files from already installed apps?

Sounds interesting right? Yes it is!

Creating .apk file from an already installed app is really an intelligent solution. The .apk file thus created can be installed on any other device without any incompatibilities flagged.

There is an android application named  “APK Extractor” that is available in Google Play for free. It has to be installed on your android device at first.

Run it when the installation is over.

Creating APK files from installed apps

You would see all the apps being shown in a list when the APK Extractor is run.

Tap on the app that you wanted to create .apk file of. Then it will create the app’s installation file .apk and saves it into mnt/sdcard/ApkExtractor/com.whatsapp_2.11.399.apk directory by default.

Navigate to the location and check for your newly created .apk files. Back them up onto your computer or an external SD card safely for future use.

You may also use ES file explorer app to navigate to the location where the created .apk files are stored.

Now there is no need to fear of loosing some awesome apps for download in future. That’s how flappy bird hurt many fans all over the internet when it was announced to be discontinuing.

Hope that helped! Share the trick to your friends too!

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