List of Tools and Applications to Increase Your Blog’s Social Reach

Getting massive traffic from social media networks is a dream come true for any blogger. I know that’s hard to see fellow bloggers making it possible while you were watching their blog posts with a lot of social engagement. But believe me, that’s is also going to help you if you can change the perspective you watch out their blogs every time.

Successful bloggers were not born with amazing social following(may happen in future because of social media craziness in people). They have learnt all the seductive ways to engage people on their blog posts. I know you also write wonderful content but you just don’t care about connecting it to the world or just lazy like me.

Making your content exposed to social media is no kind of wizard spell, I guess so. There available some magic wand like tools on the internet to automate the social shares right away when you write a blog post. The following are the list of social media automation tools that are easy to use too.

Automation Tools:

Complete automation of your blog updates may not help you actually now. Because, major social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have released their own spam reduction algorithms to give the best feed for their huge database of users in order to maintain their standards and loyalty to them. So, don’t go for automation every time. It is better to use automation when in your absence times on your blog.

So, what are the better practices?

I am not against the automation tools nor even in favor of them after the social media spam weed out. As we can do nothing about it now, it is better to go with better alternatives.

The alternatives doesn’t mean to suggest you some other automation tools but to let you know about the usefulness of inbuilt social media features. If to start with them, I’d like to start with Facebook. The following are the list of some inbuilt features of Facebook that can help you reach the world more strategically.

Facebook Applications/Features:

  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Events
  • RSS/Blog syndication
  • Reviews
  • Notes
  • Places
  • Photos & Videos
  • Discussion Boards and
  • Facebook Ads
  • Networked Blogs
  • Slideshare
  • Mail Chimp
Twitter has got nothing less popularity than Facebook. In fact, twitter is most popular than Facebook. One twitter handle can drive twice as traffic as a Facebook group or page. The following tools can expand your reach on twitter and can help you increase twitter inbound traffic to your blog.

Twitter Tools/Applications:

LinkedIn is a professional social network meant for business. It was not so famous till it was added with some conventional social networking features. It is a great platform to showcase your skills in the area of your interest through blogging. LinkedIn is a great source for niche bloggers particularly. I suggest you to use the following features of LinkedIn to effectively so as to get benefitted. It not only increases your blog traffic but also brings professionals to follow your updates.

Linked Features/Tools:

  • Groups
  • Promotions
  • Service Listings
  • Discussions
Along with the three major social media networks, Pinterest has also got equal priority these days. It allow bloggers and business owners to manage promotions and advertising about their businesses very creatively and innovatively. Optimizing your pinterest profile will help your brand reach your customers and visitors as well.

I wish you use these powerful tools very well to bring out the most of your strategies.

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