Another iCloud Hack: Hacker Leaks Nude Photos of Kim Kardashian and Two Other Celebrities on 4chan Forums

Its been hardly a month since the hackers leaked the private photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and some other famous stars of Hollywood. This time hackers leaked the nude photos of Kim Kardashian, the famous television personality on 4chan and Reddit.

This is the second time happening of the leak of photographs of celebrity on the 4chan communities. The website authorities and FBI were lounged into action immediately after the leak news was heard. They assures that they are going to take care of the content that was reported to be posted on their website.

It is also believed that the hacker leaked some private photos of some other celebrities including Vanessa Hudgens and Hope Solo on the website. However the recue team have deleted the photos shortly after they posted, but Kim Kardashian is believed to be taking legal action on the predator.

The vulnerability assessment so far says that the photographs were hacked from their private computers and hand held devices. So it is advised to keep their computer’s security get updated by time to time.

How to resist these kind of hacks?

One may not keep his/her digital data safe unless he gets an over all idea of the security limitations on his/her computer or smart phone. However the following tips can help you fight back against these kind of attacks and can keep you safe for some extent.
  • Create strong and complex passwords
  • Keep updating anti-virus definitions
  • Keep an eye on your background running programs
  • Do not install unverified software
  • Be careful while installing any software as you may install harmful crapware by chance or ignorance
Statutory Warning: Do not drink and use computers, smartphones, internet, social media and majorly iCloud.

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