How to Download All Photos on your Blogger Blog to your Computer

Every time you face a problem with your internet connection while you set to show the photographs you have posted on your blog to your someone, you would start cursing yourself for not having those photographers on your smart phone or computer.

All those cloud computing gloating you have poured out at your friends would turn against yourself at hard times. Do not face palm your intelligence of adaption of technology, instead try to find a solution for the problem.

No doubt! you are a passionate photographer and you are good at owing a blogger blog in which you keep posting your master pieces, perfect candid shots. I can feel your proudness of owing a blog with all the masterpieces(though they are not, I feel all the time) and the happiness of showing them to the world. But when it comes to offline slide-showing, I’d bite my tongue.

I know you’d bite yours too at those offline times(the times I consider as ‘walking with dinosaurs age’) when your friend asks you to show your best shots of the month.

It is however hard to download all the photos from all the blog posts by opening each one of them individually which not only takes a lot of effort but also a lot of time.

Downloading photos from blogger blog

For your kind information, each photo you post in blogger would be uploaded to your Google+ photos. You can access them anytime, anywhere by just signing into your Google account.

You can also download the photos from Google+ collectively blog wise. To download all the photos from your blogger blog,

Step 1: Go to and sign in with your credentials. Click on Google Apps and click more to find Photos app.

Step 2: Click on it to open your Google+ photos sorted by blog automatically.

Step 3: Click on the down arrow on the top right end to see options.

Step 4: Click on Download to start downloading of your photos on your blog. A Save As window will ask you the location to save. Choose the location on your computer and click Save.

All your photos of that blog will be downloaded in Zip format. Extract the Zip file to a folder and you will see all your photos on your blog in it. Save them somewhere and show them to your friends when offline proudly.

Watch the video tutorial below demonstrating how to download all photos on your blogger blog in to your computer:

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