The Windows 8 Guide Volume 1 eBook Free Download (Free eBook Expires 8/8/14)

“PC users seem to either love or hate Windows 8. Therefore we, at Windows Secrets, decided to provide you with this handy e-book series with all the information you need to make your transition to the newest Microsoft OS as smooth as possible.
The first section in Volume 1 – An introduction to Windows 8 – covers the confusing differences between Windows 8 and Window RT – since they look and work very similar but have some extraordinarily important differences.
We then take you through the basics of navigating Windows 8’s dual (some say, dueling) interfaces and some important initial setup steps.  In the second section –Customizing your new Win8 installation – we delve into the Windows 8 tiles, how to get the most out of File Explorer (formerly Windows Explorer), and how to use standard keyboard controls to navigate Win8’s touch-centric interface. We think you’ll find this concise reference useful as you start to learn your way around Windows 8. Don’t forget to check out the full series at


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This eBook is usually $9.95, but we’re offering it for FREE until 8/8/2014!”
–Windows Secrets

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