Ask Me Bazaar Presents Deal Guru, An E-Commerce Initiative of, the developers of Ask Me - baap of all apps have come up with an e-commerce initiative, ‘Deal Guru’ which is an integral part of their Ask Me Bazaar, the online store of various kind of products.

Deal Guru is a sub-platform of Ask Me Bazaar where you can find great deals on various products and accessories. It may sound like another discount-deals website online, but not definitely the one you think it is.

Why give discounts?


Ask Me Bazar aids sellers to make the most of their excess inventory. The Ask Me Bazaar team sources deals from various sellers across the country and makes products available in deep discounts.

The popular saying “something is better than nothing”motivates sellers to cash in their excess inventory instead of auctioning it for minimal prices.

How it works?

Ask Me Bazaar approaches the sellers with excess inventory. They collect samples of products, tests and reviews them and finally declares a suitable price for them and upon confirmation from the seller, a deal is made available on their website.

Every deal you see on their website is there by tested, reviewed thoroughly before it is shown on the website. So there would be no chance of getting a faulty product delivered to your home. If necessary Ask Me Bazaar is ready to process your return requests also.

How to make an order?

Making an order of the deals on ‘Deal Guru’ website is no ‘Harry Potter’s magic lesson’. Simply enter your ‘name’, ‘email’ and ‘phone number’ along with your ‘postal address’ and ‘Confirm Order’.

Yes! That’s it!

An order ID will be created immediately after you press the ‘Confirm Order’ button. Make a note of it so that it can be used while communicating with their customer services.

Here comes my favorite part! you can choose to pay at the time of confirming order or later. Ask Me Bazaar team will get back to you asking about the payment type you want to go with. Any business with this kind of respecting customer’s needs would get succeed for sure.

Everything else you need to know about Deal Guru

Ask Me Bazaar holds the responsibility of quality and availability of the products in Deal Guru website. They are currently operating 1000+ live deals with more than 900+ sellers engaged in it. The key categories DealGuru covers are Fashion (footwear, bags, accessories, jewelry), Beauty (cosmetics & perfumes), Electronics (mobiles, accessories, storage devices), Home Appliances (irons, utensils, storage containers) and lot more.

All the photo-shoots and the promotional content is generated by the Ask Me Bazaar team for all the products that are available. It shows the their interest in giving customer the best of the deal and create the best value of the product for seller.

A order confirmation call is given to the customers while delivering the product. This makes double sure about the product you have ordered for.

Ask Me Bazar also processes order return requests if necessary. We’ve seen this facility with only some of the major e-commerce giants in the market till now. An e-commerce start up should take serious financial risks to avail this feature. Ask Me Bazaar did.

Who benefits at final?

Everyone – Everyone benefits at final with Ask Me Bazar’s Deal Guru. The sellers get their best price for their excess inventory, the customers saves handsome money on every deal and the Ask Me Bazaar gets benefited by the healthy business practice.

Watch the Deal Guru Commercial featuring on YouTube recently:


Del Guru is a great idea in e-commerce industry. The way everyone gets benefited inspires entrepreneurs like us. The flexibility in ordering a product is a great start for a start up company. We, the whole team of wish all the best for Deal Guru and hope it bring more and more money saving deals in future.

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