Recover Files with Easy using Hetman Partition Recovery 2.1

We live in the world where everything is destined to live only for specific time duration. The same theorem applies to even electronic devices and more importantly, your valuable data stored on any of such electronic devices i.e. Hard drive, USB, flash drive etc. Even with the advanced technologies and data protection methods, data loss does happen and one can’t simply bypass it. Electronic devices such as your conventional hard drive which carries multiple equipment's like platters, read/write head, spindle motor etc. and any wrong actions might cause them to fail unexpectedly. Once such situation arises, you can’t even access the computer system and neither stored content.

Hetman Partition Recovery and similar recovery tools is available not to control any particular data loss situations, but to address them efficiently so can you restore your data back. Generally, these programs are created using powerful mechanism and incorporates indigenous scanning engine to hunt for any lost or deleted files from hard drive or any other type of storage media devices. Using this tool, you can perform flawless recovery operation to undelete files and folders, lost or deleted hard drive partitions, photos, audios, videos etc. Through wizard based interface, you can freely repair damaged or corrupted file systems and make it ready to perform recovery.

How to use this tool?

Grab this tool from the manufacturer website ( and install it on your computer running any latest copy of Windows such as Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Vista/ XP. Use the traditional steps to install the program using its downloaded setup file and start it from the desktop (check mark the box stating ‘Create Shortcut on Desktop’ while installing the software).

Note: The software is capable to recover severely damaged or corrupted files from the hard drive and similar storage device. Moreover, it will not modify the content or information of deleted files while recovering it.

As soon as you start the application, a pop up will open (called ‘Wizard based recovery’) that guides you well throughout this successful recovery procedure. Click ‘Next’ to proceed and choose the problem volume or any subsequent storage device containing your lost, deleted or formatted files.

You can also select the whole hard drive if you’re not sure about the location from which, you’ve lost your important files. In case, you’ve missing partitions with loads of useful information, simply click on ‘Find Partitions’ button located at the bottom.

There are mainly two techniques to perform recovery: Full analysis & fast scan. Full analysis is used to employ extensive scanning technique to find all the missing logical partitions or partitions with corrupted directory structure. It’ll help them build again and make it recoverable, considerably takes longer time than expected. Whereas, ‘Fast scan’ option is used to perform fast scanning and recovery of lost or deleted file.

The software will begin examining the targeted media and shows results in sometime. Be patient as the software may take longer time, if the problem device is pretty big in size or have missing identical information.

Final Thoughts

Intuitive interface and fast scanning engine make this software unique and winner. User with any level of computer knowledge and domain can fluently use this application and perform data recovery like pros. If you’re still not sure about how to use the application and want to explore more, check out the video tutorial below:

The software is available in try-before-buy mode (free download) to test functionality at no cost. In the free version, you may able to check all the software inbuilt capability except to store the deleted files (saving is disabled).

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