How Fake AdSense Earning Reports are Generated?

Some of the most fascinating things I ever see on internet are the fake earning reports. I’m not talking about those earning reports that show earnings of easy money with infinite zeros after a digit. We all know those are pieces out of crap and total fake. I’m talking about those earning reports related to Google AdSense people post on social media often to show off their false prestige.
Google AdSense is the best CPC system and is the most preferred revenue system by bloggers in the world. Google AdSense, being a product of Google works at its best those who follow their guidelines. People who doesn’t optimize their websites, and those who don’t get much traffic try to prank or fool their fellow bloggers with fake AdSense earning screenshots which puts those who work genuinely for their blogs into confusion and disappointment.
Today, I’m going to discuss with you the methods used by the pranksters in making spoof AdSense screenshots.

Using Inspect Element

Inspect element enables developer options in a browser. These developer options are helpful for web designers and developers in building amazing websites. Unfortunately, the same developer options is being used to hack passwords and manipulate webpages at user end.

AdSense low earners use inspect element option to edit the contents on the webpage.


After enabling developer options by clicking on Inspect Element, the earnings data on AdSense can be edited as shown in the following screenshot.

As these changes are not reflected on the server side of the websites, it is remained legal and not against Google AdSense policies.

Using Fake AdSense Money Generator

Fake AdSense Money Generator is an online application that generates fake screenshots of AdSense earnings automatically for given values.

Take a look at the following screenshot with custom values entered:

giving values to fake adsense money creator

When clicked on Submit, it shows up the screenshot of fake Google AdSense account with given values as shown below:


Fake AdSense reports may manipulate fellow bloggers mind but they can’t change the actual earnings. If you follow Google AdSense guidelines and blog consistently with great content, you can earn more than you can expect.

Next time you see such pranks, feel pity for them and start working to make that real at your side. All the best!

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  1. Now I know how people fake screenshots. :P

    1. Haha! Rohan! Real earners won't show off after all ;)


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